Congratulations, you’ve landed in bridal heaven. Born in 2010, Lovely Bride is a bridal shop for cool brides who don’t subscribe to the stressful and ‘over-the-top’ stigma of wedding dress shopping. We’ve built a haven of fun in an aspirational setting we know you will fall in love with.  As the O.G. indie wedding dress boutique, we scour the globe to find stylish wedding dresses from emerging designers who are as unique as you are…we do it all for the love of #ourlovelies.

Lovely has locations all around the U.S: New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Dallas, Houston, Phoenix, Charleston SC, Chicago, and Rochester NY. We built this collective across the states to make sure you have an incredible bridal experience, all while finding the perfect wedding dress.  Because our collective of boutiques are owner-operated, you know you will be getting the best TLC when you find your wedding dress at a Lovely!