Our Story

Lovely is a haven for stylish, playful and daring brides. We dress the bohemian, the classic, the romantic, the sexy, the refined. But all of our brides have one thing in common: they can move mountains with their style. We know that whatever you want to wear for your wedding day, you are an original and only you can do you. We have been embraced by incredible brides around the country inspiring us to open in 17 U.S. cities: New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Rochester NY, Charleston, Dallas, Chicago, Phoenix, Miami, Houston, San Diego, Seattle, Atlanta, Cincinnati and Denver.

We are honored when brides choose to be one of #ourlovelies.  Read why Fashionista.com has called Lovely ‘The Bridal Chain for Cool Girls’.

About Lanie

Lanie spent the first half of her career falling in love with retail. Growing up at Target in Minneapolis, then moving to NYC to join Iconix as the Chief Merchant, Lanie spent her early career building mega brands and filling gaps at retailers like Macys, Kohls and Walmart. Her skills at finding and filling voids in the marketplace led her to one of the biggest opportunities yet: wedding dress retail.

Based on her own sub-par experience in 2008, Lanie recognized that bridal gown shopping hadn’t evolved in decades. Bridal shops were all buying from the same set of ‘big name’ designers, the experience felt stuffy and exclusionary, and there were two major price point segments, gowns under $1,000 and gowns over $5,000. There was nothing cool and comfortable in the middle, so Lanie set out to change that.

Plucking the first few brands for Lovely right off of Etsy, Lanie brought the concept of ‘indie bridal’ to its first retail establishment. Situated in a quaint brownstone in the West Village, Lovely felt like a cool ‘members only’ club that had the dreaminess of hanging out at a friend’s apartment. With attainable luxury and a laid-back vibe, Lovely became the new gold standard for what a bridal shop should be.

Brides around the country craving that bridal shopping experience have brought Lovely shops to their own cities, and today, Lovely has a retail collective of 17 shops and growing.

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