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Our Story

Lovely Bride was borne of the concept that bridal could be way cooler. When the company was founded in 2009, there was a creative swell of bloggers, photographers, planners, florists and fashion designers doing things differently.  A change was happening in weddings, and brides were looking for something more authentic and REAL for their wedding day.  Not the glitz and polish of weddings memorialized in gilded frames. The wedding dress shopping experience lagged way behind, with its exclusionary and formal feel.

So Lanie plucked some of her designers right off of Etsy, and opened a boutique in a West Village townhouse in April 2010. Welcome home Lovely Bride! The sales stylists were fun, not judgey.  The dresses were crafted, not produced.  And the decor was light-hearted, not heavy.  This unique style set the new standard for what bridal shopping could be!

We are honored when brides choose to be one of #ourlovelies.  Read why Fashionista.com has called Lovely ‘The Bridal Chain for Cool Girls’.

Lanie List, Founder of Lovely Bride

About the Founder

Hi Lovely!  I’m Lanie List, the dreamer and founder of this incredible bridal collective.

I created Lovely to speak to brides who wanted to shop on their own terms. To go their own way. Ten years ago, you’d be hard pressed to find a bridal shop that didn’t carry a standard list of the ‘big name’ designers. But there was this amazing groundswell of indie designers stepping out with unique and edgy designs. I was set on being the retailer that stepped out with them and offer something new to brides. That is why we are called the ‘OG indie bridal shop’. Some of our first designers have incredible businesses today and we love the fact that we grew this indie bridal industry together.

I still love to push the envelope, whether it’s with Marketing, Design, or how we are doing business. We are proud that we take this business to heart.  When our brides were baffled as to why we didn’t disclose prices online, we changed that.  When we had frustrated brides with very real body types, disappointed by our sample sizes, we changed that. If there is one thing that is constant at Lovely, it’s change. My goal is to always listen to our brides so we can do better, year after year.

xo, Lanie


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