Small weddings and elopements are here to stay! Blogger babe, Lindsey (aka @thefashionablybroketeacher) said ‘I Do’ in her backyard that was transformed into a boho wedding oasis.

We’re forever in awe of the creativity of Our Lovelies. Lindsey and John recently bought their first home together and used their new outdoor space as a blank canvas when it came time to rethink their wedding venue. The two tied the knot at sunset on a nearby beach and then came home to celebrate with 30 of their closest family and friends. The vision for Lindsey’s boho backyard wedding was an ‘effortless vibe filled with dried florals, pampas grass, neutrals, and terracotta shades for warmth. Almost the feeling of a boho underwater reef, with lots of amazing textures and interesting blooms.’ Lindsey’s boho backyard wedding was complete with our Rue De Seine ‘Little Rock’ gown from Lovely Bride Philadelphia. Keep scrolling to see all of the dreamy details and read Lindsey’s top 5 tips for planning a backyard wedding.

Lindsey’s Top Tips for Planning a Backyard Wedding

  1. Find your dream team of vendors. These should be people that not only do amazing work, but are amazing people in general. Our design team and wedding planners worked seamlessly with our florist, photographer, videographer, and rentals. It made everything so easy and enjoyable.
  2. Know that you don’t need a huge backyard. You can transform any size into what you are picturing with the right florals, lights, and design elements. The cozy little elements and areas in lounge in our wedding were some of my favorites!
  3. Rugs are awesome dance floors. We had rugs instead of a typical dance floor and not only did it serve its purpose but it added to our effortless bohemian vibe.
  4. Find ways to save money. We used our Sonos speakers and created some killer Spotify playlists for every aspect of the day and night. John’s mom also decided to cater our wedding which she was so excited to do.
  5. Keep it small. Having 30 people gave us the time to actually enjoy and talk to everyone who attended. We never felt overwhelmed and felt truly loved by everyone who celebrated with us.