Introducing Bride. by Sarah Seven’s Max Fritz

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Lovelies, have you heard the news? Bride. by Sarah Seven has a new muse! Meet Max Fritz.

Sarah Seven is as chic as they come and her Bride. line is no exception. The Max Fritz collection is a take on minimal maximalism and we could not relate more to her aesthetic. Keep reading to learn more about Sarah Seven and the new collection. She even gave us deets on her favorite gown. The new styles have already arrived at Lovely Bride Dallas, Lovely Bride Houston, Lovely Bride Denver and Lovely Bride Cincinnati. Click here to book an appointment. Then, follow us on Instagram to see the new styles on Our Lovelies. Also, follow us on Pinterest to add these new styles to your wedding inspo.

Meet Sarah Seven

About Sarah Seven

‘I should start by noting that yes, my real name is Sarah Seven and yes, I lucked out with that name – thanks mom and dad! Sarah Seven is family owned and operated in NY where we design and produce everything: gowns, veils, and accessories. My brother Michael manages the financial and operations, while I handle the creative and people-side of the brand. With just a few additional employees, we are a small and mighty team who are committed bringing as much beauty to the world as possible. We do this through the beauty of the lines we design, the kindness of the people we hire and welcome into our stores, and the hilarity and joy found on our instagram accounts. I like to think of Sarah Seven as the wedding dress brand for real people.’ – SS

What was the inspiration behind the Bride. by Sarah Seven line?

‘Our Bride. line is luxurious and intentional. I took a ‘more is more’ approach when I launched Bride. in 2018 because as the Sarah Seven Brand has grown so have our lines. Two years ago felt like the time to introduce something new and more grandiose to our lineup. It’s that drinking champagne in a bubble bath on a rooftop at sunset in Europe… type of vibe.’ – SS

Tell us about your Muse for the Collection

‘Our Bride. muse is Max Fritz, “to Fritz” is to combine opulence with ease. The Collection, Max Fritz, is based on my travels to Vienna, and embodies what it means to be maximal with a minimal approach. Max Fritz is the girl who has a fashionable spirit with a love for the unusual, and the language of Max Fritz is simple yet, must be done with stylish intent.’ – SS

Favorite dress from the Max Fritz Collection

‘Again, this changes based on my mood but right now I’d have to say Blake. The drape on the top and the impeccable bodice construction make me say “HECK YAS”  and I do not use that phrase lightly. To me, Blake feels like a blast from the past reborn and revived. Elevated but familiar. Cheers to anyone who remembers our Lafayette gown, if you know, you know.’ – SS

P.S.  – Also, don’t forget to check back next week for a look at Sarah Seven’s Before collection for your chic courthouse ‘I Do’s’ or minimony.

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Gown pictured above: Blake

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Gown pictured above: Georgie

Available in midi or full length.

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Gown pictured above: Dylan