Introducing Vagabond: Contemporary & Bohemian

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A modern bride’s dream has just blossomed out of Cape Town, South Africa. The Vagabond brand is perfect for those brides wanting a blend between contemporary and bohemian. These bridal looks nod toward rock & roll chic and classic with an edgy twist. Vagabond will be rolling out in select Lovely stores this August! Don’t forget to make an appointment to check out a designer preview where you can see this collection first!


NYC: 8/3-8/5

Chicago: 8/10-8/12

DC: 8/17-8/19

LA: 9/19-9/23

Seattle: 9/28-9/30

Houston: 10/4-10/14

Dallas: 10/18-10/20


LB: Tell us about you! Where do you live, how would you describe yourself, what is your main source of inspiration?

VZ: I live in Cape Town and come from a creative background in design, weddings and creative styling. I am a creative at heart, and fashion design was always close to my heart, while I pursued my career in interior and event design in the past. Having had quite a bit of experience in wedding styling, I had a dream to create my own wedding collection that I felt embodied the contemporary, strong and free-spirited woman that I had seen was becoming the pioneering female archetype in modern society.

LB: What inspired you to create Vagabond?

VZ: Vagabond was born because I really wanted to create a collection and a brand that didn’t take away from the modern woman’s strength, fearlessness and societal liberation. There is a massive shift in womanhood and feminine sovereignty in modern society, and I felt that that had to be reflected in bridal fashion as well.

LB: Describe the style of your gowns.

VZ: Of course I adore observing the latest trends and directions in fashion, but I try to make sure that every gown has an underlying timelessness in its silhouette, structure and fabric. We have a range of dresses that will suit all contemporary tastes, including some classics with clean lines, bohemian gowns with textured lace and romantic shapes, as well as some daring rock ‘n’ roll numbers.

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