Calling all of our bohemian Lovelies! We’re thrilled to introduce Tara Lauren’s latest collection, Isle Botanica. We fell head over heels in love with the gowns at bridal market and could not wait to bring them to Lovely stores for our brides-to-be. We caught up with California designers + sister duo  Tara and Shaina to get the inside scoop on their effortlessly enchanting collection. Check out our Q+A with them below!

The elevated bohème collection is inspired by the allure of Indonesia’s lush evergreen forests, ancient ruins, and botanicals. Warning, you’ll want to book a tropical getaway as soon as you check out their lookbook. The new gowns feature sultry sheer elements, lace appliqué, and feminine ornate beading. Keep scrolling to take in all of the dreamy details. Also, check out our Sale Event Dates and click on your city to book an appointment. You’ll be able to see all of the styles in person and receive 10% off of your purchase!

Meet Tara Lauren’s Co-Founders + Designers

Describe the Tara Lauren Bride.

Our bride is a big time romantic and wants her wedding gown to reflect her true self. She’s all about the feminine intricate details but at the end of the day wants something that feels unique and refined yet unfussy at the same time.

What was the inspiration behind the Spring 2019 collection?

We really consider all elements of the mood and feel of the wedding when designing our gowns, the location especially, and this year we were fascinated by Bali. The beautiful ancient ruins, lush forests, all set upon this coastal carefree setting. We considered a lot of those elements when selecting our floral inspired laces and intricate beading. This season definitely keeps with our relaxed Californian boho luxe feel, but with a bit of sexy island charm. There’s a lot of daring slits, sheer elements and fitted silhouettes.

Do you have a favorite gown from the collection?

We love all our babies equally! But if we had to pick one we’re really excited about right now it’s Russo. It’s just such a fun, sexy gown with a lot of personality. We call it our dancing gown because every girl who puts it on immediately starts to shimmy. We dabbled into more beading this season and loved playing with those fringe elements.

What’s it like working with your sister?

We get asked this all the time! Honestly, we butt heads like any other siblings but we share very similar points of view so the dynamic works very well. We both have our own strengths and weaknesses and help to balance each other out in that way. The biggest perk is getting to travel the world for work together. 

What’s your best advice for wedding dress shopping?

We always tell brides to keep your party intimate! It’s all about you and too many opinions can be very overwhelming.


New York City: January 18 – 27

Cincinnati: March 14 – 16

Miami: March 15 – 24

Atlanta: March 23 – 24

San Francisco: March 30 – 31

Seattle: April 5 – 14




Gown pictured: Maya

Gown pictured: Isolde

Gown pictured: Sultana beaded slip with Easton skirt

Gown pictured: Lucia

Gown pictured: Dawson (left), Giuletta (right)

Gown pictured: Cleo

Gown pictured: Sultana

Gown pictured: Sultana (left), Anise (right)

Gown pictured: Russo

Gown pictured: Cyprus

Gown pictured: Assouline

Gown pictured: Gaia (left), Easton (right)