Find Your Bridal Style

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Glam, classic, whimsical, or romantic? Team Lovely is here to break down different bridal styles so you can find the one for you.

Newly engaged babes, ready to shop for your wedding dress but missing a clear vision for your wedding day? We at Team Lovely have got your back! Narrowing down a bridal style is a great jumping-off point to determining the overall look and feel of your wedding day.

Renowned bridal stylist Gabrielle Hurwitz emphasizes that brides should consider how they want to look and feel on their wedding day, sharing her expert advice with Brides: “What you wear has the power to influence how you feel, how you carry yourself, how you interact with the world. Your wedding dress is the most important article of clothing you’ll ever wear, and how you feel in your wedding dress will determine how you feel throughout your entire wedding day.”

No pressure, though – right? We’ll let you in on the secret: The key to successfully finding the one is not in attaining perfection, but rather narrowing down what bridal style feels good, suits the other elements of the wedding day (such as venue, time of year, and accessories) and what feels most ‘you’. Once you determine your bridal style, the rest of the wedding takes shape.

We’re here to break down classic, creative, free-spirited, glam, modern, romantic, and whimsical bridal styles. These different bridal styles have their distinct characteristics, so learning about them will help you determine how you would most like to feel and look on your wedding day. And remember, if the gown you ultimately choose may not be what you expected to say “yes” to, it will become your compass to guide you through the rest of your wedding planning!

From glamorous ballgowns, to modern, chic sheaths, to free-spirited and flowy dresses, Lovely Bride offers a variety of bridal gowns for every bridal style. Once you’ve read up on each bridal style and determined which is a fit for you, book an appointment to find your dream wedding dress at a Lovely Bride shop near you. Then, follow us on Instagram and Pinterest to stay in the know on all things Lovely.


The classic bride wants something that is understated, timeless, and elegant. Gowns that fit the classic bridal style rely on good fit, construction, and tailoring instead of trendy details or bold statements. Classic gowns come in all silhouettes and fabrics, but often use more traditional necklines and skirts, structured bodices, and a defined waistline in their design, along with solid, structured fabrics or lace that is not overly intricate, loud, or busy.

Top Left: Alexandra Grecco ‘Sloan‘ / Shop: Lovely Bride Houston
Top Right: Suzanne Neville ‘Amber‘ / Shop: Lovely Bride Houston
Bottom Left: Made With Love ‘Florence‘ / Shop: Lovely Bride Charlotte
Bottom Right: Louvienne ‘Malea‘ / Shop: Lovely Bride Phoenix
Alexandra Grecco Sloan Houston
Suzanne Neville Amber Houston
Made With Love Florence Charlotte
Louvienne Malea Phoenix


The creative bride is artsy, nontraditional, and unconventional. There are no rules or true guidelines to this bridal style. Creative brides seek a striking wedding gown with distinctive and fashion-forward elements, such as cut-outs, oversize details, unique fabrics, major texture, artful construction, unexpected touches, and maybe even color. The creative bridal style injects the bride’s personality and individuality into the look and is alternative, fresh, edgy, and bold.

Top Left: Rue De Seine ‘Jericho‘ / Shop: Lovely Bride Phoenix
Top Right: Sarah Seven ‘Rey’ / Shop: Lovely Bride Charleston
Bottom Left: Vagabond ‘Kahlo‘ / Shop: Lovely Bride Atlanta
Bottom Right: Savin London ‘Willa’ / Shop: Lovely Bride NYC
Rue De Seine Jericho Phoenix
Sarah Seven Rey Charleston
Vagabond Kahlo Atlanta
Savin Willa NYC


The free-spirited bride is a lover of all things effortless, carefree, and laid-back. Their bridal style includes flowy, soft, and comfortable silhouettes and they like textured, intricate lace or embroidery and a mixture or layering of different fabrics, such as a lace gown with an ethereal sheer overskirt. Free-spirited brides may opt for a flower crown, wildflower bouquet, chunky jewelry, and leather or embroidered accessories to round out their bridal look. The free-spirited bridal style is all about wonder and adventure, freedom of movement, and a nod to vintage flair.

Top Left: Rue De Seine ‘Rider‘ in Cactus Rose / Shop: Lovely Bride NYC
Top Right: Adriana Madrid ‘Adhara‘ / Shop: Lovely Bride Miami
Bottom Left: Rue De Seine ‘Nevada‘ / Shop: Lovely Bride Phoenix
Bottom Right: SAINT ‘Cole‘ / Shop: Lovely Bride Houston
Rue De Seine Rider Cactus Rose NYC
Adhara Adriana Madrid Miami
Rue De Seine Nevada Phoenix
Cole SAINT Houston


The glam bridal style embraces luxury, drama, and grandeur. The glam bride will gravitate to show-stopping sparkly embellishments like beading, crystals, and sequins and fabrics with sheen or shimmer. Glam gowns come in all silhouettes, from body-hugging dresses to dramatic ballgowns, and often have dramatic neck and backlines (read: plunging). The glam bride is a little sultry and sexy, always fabulous, and might level up their bridal look with metallic or glitzy accessories.

Top Left: Katherine Tash ‘Cecilia‘ / Shop: Lovely Bride Atlanta
Top Right: Louvienne ‘Kenji‘ / Shop: Lovely Bride Houston
Bottom Left: Made With Love ‘Cameron‘ / Shop: Lovely Bride NYC
Bottom Right: Sarah Seven ‘Joel’ / Shop: Lovely Bride Charlotte
Katherine Tash Cecilia ATL
Louvienne Kenji Houston
Made With Love Cameron NYC
Sarah Seven Joel Charlotte


The modern bride wants a bridal look that is sophisticated, effortlessly stylish, yet cool. The modern bridal style is all about clean lines and architectural, structural details with nods to trends. The look is intended to be contemporary, sleek, and minimal, so modern wedding gowns with have unfussy silhouettes and fabrics. The modern bride is fresh and chic and favors a strong but simple look.

Top Left: Alexandra Grecco ‘Sloan-Margaux‘ / Shop: Lovely Bride Charlotte
Top Right: NEWHITE ‘Pado‘ / Shop: Lovely Bride Atlanta
Bottom Left: Sarah Seven ‘Bronte‘ / Shop: Lovely Bride Charlotte
Bottom Right: Louvienne ‘Sterling‘ / Shop: Lovely Bride Dallas
Alexandra Grecco Sloan Margaux Charlotte
NEWHITE Pado Atlanta
Sarah Seven Bronte Charlotte
Louvienne Sterling Dallas


The romantic bride dreams of a bridal look that is soft and feminine. The romantic bridal look is characterized by sweet, enchanting details that draw on emotion, such as billowy sleeves, layered skirts, and sweet bows. Romantic wedding gowns are often constructed using flowers, lace, and frothy tulle, organza, or chiffon. The goal is to achieve an airy and ethereal vibe that is pretty and delicate.

Top Left: Adriana Madrid ‘Victoria‘ / Shop: Lovely Bride Seattle
Top Right: SAINT ‘Emmett‘ / Shop: Lovely Bride DC
Bottom Left: Made With Love ‘Elliot‘ / Shop: Lovely Bride Philadelphia
Bottom Right: Flora ‘Gloria’ / Shop: Lovely Bride Houston
Adriana Madrid Victoria Seattle
Made With Love Elliot Philadelphia
Flora Gloria Houston


The whimsical bridal style is the playful, quirky, light-hearted sister to romantic bridal style. The whimsical bride might want to reflect their bubbly, lively personality in their look with a dose of fancy and charm. Whimsical bridal gowns are less about traditional or flashy details and more about imaginative, striking elements that draw on fantasy and youthfulness. Whimsical gowns might have ethereal sleeves, light and airy texture, dimensional or oversized floral and lace, and layered fabrics such as tulle, organza, or chiffon.

Top Left: NEWHITE ‘Aceno‘ / Shop: Lovely Bride DC
Top Right: Alexandra Grecco ‘Daphne‘ / Shop: Lovely Bride Houston
Bottom Left: Made With Love ‘Ollie Tulle’ / Shop: Lovely Bride NYC
Bottom Right: Georgia Young ‘Lemon’ / Shop: Lovely Bride Dallas
Alexandra Grecco Daphne Houston
Made With Love Ollie Tulle NYC
Georgia Young Lemon Dallas