Trend Spotlight: 3D Floral Wedding Dresses

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From delicate petals to large blooms, dimensional florals are taking wedding dresses to new heights, literally.

A modern option over traditional floral lace, 3D floral wedding dresses are perfect for brides who are looking for a gown with unique texture and embellishment. These unexpected accents add drama or visual interest to a bridal gown. Perfect for the contemporary bride who wants to stand out on their wedding day!

This season, 3D flowers are popping up everywhere in our bridal collections – in the latest from our top designers Alexandra Grecco, Made With Love, and Rime Arodaky, as well as with our newcomers Adriana Madrid, Daalarna, and our Lovely exclusive brand, SAINT.

We’re loving 3D florals lately because the trend can be interpreted many different ways in design. Designers can curate a certain look or mood with how they choose to utilize 3D flowers. The key is all in the placement of dimensional flowers – a concentrated cluster of blooms will create a focal point, while a cascade of petals can create movement or softness. Large blooms make a bold statement, while tiny flowers can add subtle interest.

The beauty of 3D flower appliqué is that it works for a variety of bridal moods, from romantic and ethereal, to artful and eye-catching, to bold and fashion-forward. No matter the bridal look, a 3D floral dress is bound to make a statement. We’re highlighting our can’t-miss three-dimensional floral gowns from our favorite designers.

Like what you see? Lovely’s Trend Spotlight will feature and break down the latest in bridal fashion, with our top picks of the best designer gowns. Once you’ve checked out our favorite 3D floral wedding gowns, book an appointment to find your dream wedding dress at a Lovely Bride shop near you. Then, follow us on Instagram and Pinterest to stay in the know on all things Lovely.

1 Saint Emmett Front
1 Saint Miles Front
1 Saint Owen Front


SAINT Bridal’s debut collection has quite the offering of 3D florals, with lots of texture and romance. We love the linear concentration of appliqué on ‘Cole‘ (top left) and ‘Emmett‘ (top right). While there is appliqué scattered throughout these gowns, the eye is drawn vertically, especially to the middle of the bodice and down the front of the skirts, where the edgy vine overlay is denser. SAINT’s ‘Miles‘ (bottom left) and ‘Owen‘ (bottom right) feature delicate flowers embellished at the neckline, bust, and hips for a more ethereal look.

Alexandra Grecco Daphne - Matte Crepe
Alexandra Grecco Gabrielle - Matte Stretch Crepe
Alexandra Grecco Gemma
Alexandra Grecco Gwynevere

Alexandra Grecco

Alexandra Grecco’s Celestine Collection is inspired by dance and movement, with pieces that are dimensional and playful. We love the delicate petite laser-cut petals adorning the neckline and long sleeves of ‘Daphne‘ (top left) and ‘Gabrielle‘ (top right) which create some interest to the sheer sleeves. The crawling vine-like texture dotted with 3D florals on ‘Gemma‘ (bottom left) and ‘Gwynevere‘ (bottom right) gives the gowns a mythical whimsy, perfect for a garden wedding.

Made With Love Posie
Made With Love Elliot
Made With Love Cameron
Made With Love Darcy

Made With Love

Made With Love is well-known and loved for their feminine yet effortless gowns. ‘Posie‘ (top left) and ‘Elliot‘ (top right) both have the same sequined 3D lace but different necklines to be a perfect match for any bride. ‘Cameron‘ (bottom left) has the brand’s signature plunging neckline and sheer bodice, but is enhanced with hand-beaded texture and 3D floral lace to add a little glamour and drama. The allover concentrated appliqué on ‘Darcy‘ (bottom right) makes a bold statement.

Rime Arodaky Bella
Rime Arodaky Claudia
Rime Arodaky Gigi
Rime Arodaky Tyra

Rime Arodaky

Rime Arodaky’s ‘1995’ collection is inspired by the 90’s supermodel, with gowns that are feminine, glamorous, and convey the nonchalance of teenagehood. The larger blooms embellished on ‘Bella‘ (top left) and ‘Claudia‘ (top right) make a bold and unexpected statement, perfect for a bride who loves a nod to vintage fashion. ‘Gigi‘ (bottom left) features 3D organza flowers delicately placed on the bust and bodice, while small beaded flowers are layered in between the sheer tulle bodice of ‘Tyra‘ (bottom right) for the ultimate texture.

Adriana Madrid Constantine
Adriana Madrid Eva
Adriana Madrid Evangeline
Adriana Madrid Victoria

Adriana Madrid

Adriana Madrid is a pioneer bridal brand in Mexico whose philosophy is to design dresses that are unique, comfortable, natural, and romantic. Their collection’s gowns boast stunning 3D floral lace, perfect for a free-spirited bride. The concentration of dimensional flowers on the bodices of ‘Constantine‘ (top left) and ‘Evangeline‘ (bottom left) create a focal point of texture, while the all-over blossoms on ‘Eva‘ (top right) and ‘Victoria‘ (bottom right) evoke a romantic look for the bride who wants a more embellished gown.

Daalarna ETN 501 (w/o sleeves)
Daalarna ETN 503
Daalarna ETN 513
Daalarna ETN 517


Hungarian brand Daalarna’s Eternity collection features dimensional floral gowns that are unique, modern, and feminine. We love the whimsical and textured appliqué detail on the straps, bodice, and plunging necklines of ‘ETN 501‘ (top left) and ‘ETN 503‘ (top right). The small flowers on ‘ETN 513‘ (bottom left) and ‘ETN 517‘ (bottom right) work well the the gowns’ dainty straps.