Wedding Dresses To Match Your Venue Style

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Beach, city, destination, garden, museum, or vineyard? Where you choose to get married can determine which bridal gowns best complement your dream venue.

Brides-to-be, have you found your venue and are preparing to shop for the perfect wedding dress? Team Lovely is here to help! Where you choose to say “I Do” can inform the rest of your wedding details, from the color palette to the level of formality to the wedding dress itself!

The goal, of course, is to find the dress that matches the mood and feel of the venue space, that you also fell like the best version of yourself in. Maybe you aren’t a fan of fitted styles but are getting married on the beach – we’d recommend a flowy, soft A-line style that will float beautifully with a current of wind, but won’t have too many layers for sand to get trapped in! Perhaps you love a minimalist look and are saying “I Do” in an art museum – our choice is a simple silhouette with architectural details. We’re here to show you our favorite dresses that we think best complement different venue styles: beach, city, destination, garden, museum, and vineyard.

From lacy, romantic gowns for a garden celebration to fluid silhouettes for a beachside wedding, Lovely Bride offers a variety of bridal gowns to match every venue style. Once you’ve checked out our favorite dress picks for each venue type, book an appointment to find your dream wedding dress at a Lovely Bride shop near you. Then, follow us on Instagram and Pinterest to stay in the know on all things Lovely.


If you’re envisioning your wedding day with lots of sunshine, a nice breeze, and being barefoot in the sand, a beach venue is right for you. When it comes to choosing a wedding dress that works for seaside nuptials, the key is lightweight, fluid fabrics and silhouettes that allow for ease of movement. A good beach wedding dress should be easy to wear and comfortable for that effortless, coastal vibe.

Top Left: Made With Love ‘Valley
Top Right: Rue De Seine ‘Nevada
Bottom Left: Alexandra Grecco ‘Harriet
Bottom Right: Savannah Miller ‘Paris’
Alexandra Grecco Harriett Gloves
Savannah Miller Paris front


City venues are located in large urban centers and can range from swanky hotels, to architectural and industrial buildings, to historic city halls, and also sexy restaurants and bars. Think bright lights and incredible skylines – we think a polished look that lets the bride shine is perfect for a metropolitan affair. We love the idea of playing up the locale with wedding dresses that are sleek and sexy, with details like a folded neckline and straps or sleeves that are simple but never boring.

Top Left: Louvienne ‘Jada
Top Right: Sarah Seven ‘Bronte
Bottom Left: Alyssa Kristin ‘Bianca
Bottom Right: Alexandra Grecco ‘Sloan-Margaux
1 Sarah Seven Bronte Front
1 Alexandra Grecco Sloan Margaux front


Destination weddings bring to mind a variety of picture-perfect scenes, from luxury resorts, to centuries-old ruins, to grand palaces and chateaus, to tropical slices of paradise. Destination I Do’s combine a wedding and a vacation for an unforgettable and unique experience. For that reason, we think a gown that has some wow factor while being comfortable enough to dance the night away is a great choice!

Top Left: Sarah Seven ‘Mercury
Top Right: NEWHITE ‘Pado
Bottom Left: SAINT ‘Emmett
Bottom Right: Louvienne ‘Ayana
1 Sarah Seven Mercury front 1
1 Saint Emmett Front
1 Louvienne Ayana front


Whether a lush estate on the countryside, a botanical conservatory, or a sprawling urban park, garden weddings embrace and invite nature into the celebration surrounds. With beautiful blooms, verdant grounds, stunning trees, and picturesque views, we think a wedding dress inspired by the foliage is the perfect match. Gowns with floral and vine lace, 3D appliqué, and flowing silhouettes are our picks.

Top Left: Rivini by Rita Vinieris ‘Reagan’
Top Right: Adriana Madrid ‘Adhara
Bottom Left: Made With Love ‘Lenni’
Bottom Right: SAINT ‘Cole
Rivini Reagan front
Adriana Madrid Adhara
1 Made With Love Lenni front


Perfect for the art-lover or the history buff, what better way to celebrate a monumental love than at a cultural landmark? Whether it’s a modern art museum with a stylish vibe or a architecturally significant building full of history, museum weddings marry fine exhibitions with fashion and nature. We’d choose a sleek gown with some artful details such as draping and modern necklines to complement the venue.

Top Left: Alexandra Grecco ‘Irene’
Top Right: Louvienne ‘Sterling
Bottom Left: Katherine Tash ‘Cecilia
Bottom Right: NEWHITE ‘Prophecy’
1 Alexandra Grecco Irene front
louvienne sterling front
Newhite Prophecy


Vineyards are inherently celebratory venues on account of the libations and revelry. We envision fruitful orchards, lush groves, spacious surrounds, and rustic details. The perfect winery wedding dress is not too formal and has romantic touches, such as dreamy laces and flowy skirts, with a touch of whimsy to complement the elegant backdrop.

Top Left: Made With Love ‘Elliot
Top Right: Dany Tabet ‘Cassel’
Bottom Left: NEWHITE ‘Aceno
Bottom Right: Louvienne ‘Malea
Made With Love Elliot
Dany Tabet Cassel front
Newhite Aceno