Real Wedding: Jaqueleen + Noah

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Tell us about you and Noah as a couple.

We’re a really good team – which is surprising because we are so different. It took me a long time to understand that it’s ok to have a partner who doesn’t like doing all the same activities that you do. It doesn’t mean you aren’t compatible – love is not solely based on sharing meals and going to Flywheel together, ya know?

We met when we were both writers – so communication is BIG for us. Even though we are not the same person, we take the time to learn what the other values and needs.  He takes care of me emotionally and I try to sneak vegetables in his food and get him to work out. Our love languages are definitely different, but we take the time to show up for each other and challenge each other. At the end of the day it totally works.

Describe each other in three words.

Noah on Jaq: Sleepy, Funny, Fit

Jaq on Noah: Loving, Funny, Smart

How did he propose?

On the love lock bridge in Paris. It was an absolute surprise – like a shocking surprise. We were on a trip with his family so we have this incredible video his brother took that shows the whole scene – including a group of tourists behind us who start clapping before I even say yes. After, we went to celebrate after at a little champagne bar. I had a stomach ache for about 6 months thinking about how this is the most long term decision I’ve had to make in life this far. It was wild. Definitely not the typical charmed view you see on Instagram. I relied on good friends to give me perspective and help ground my feelings. I became really passionate about speaking out against the rose-tinted lens social media puts on major life events. While our engagement is a moment and story I truly cherish, I very much acknowledge that my emotional journey from saying “yes” to walking down the aisle took some major soul searching and growth from both me AND Noah. Our story did not follow the charmed example set by my peers and influencers living through the same time in their lives on social media. Through all this, I realized it is SO important to remember that everyone’s experience will be unique and comparing yourself to others is a trap. You are comparing your real life to someone else’s curated, tuned, tweaked, (sometimes twisted) life. Be honest with yourself and your partner and you will get to where you need to be.

Tell us about your wedding! Where was it? What inspired your vision?

Noah and I got married in his hometown, Tucson, Arizona. My family is from LA, so it was pretty easy for everyone to get to.

Our vibe: Minimal, natural, modern – with some unexpected twists along the way. Trust me, this wedding definitely did NOT take itself too seriously. We wanted to have some fun with it.

We chose to do the ceremony at a historical church (it’s no longer an actual church, but don’t tell my Grandma that!) out in the middle of the desert. It gave a remote, natural feel to the event that I think put everyone in a good mood. The “church” only could seat 60 and we ended up having 100+ people, but the overflow actually made it feel incredibly personal and quaint. It was really cool to feel so surrounded by our loved ones during the ceremony – and we definitely played to the crowd.

When the ceremony let out it was just in time to enjoy the gorgeous desert sunset, sip some rosé, and snack on a magnificent cheese and charcuterie board – that my incredible my mom made by hand!

It was important to me that we weren’t super wasteful with our decor. The natural setting and gorgeous light were the most beautiful decorations we could ask for, so we tried to keep everything else minimal. We used found lace table cloths from the church’s “wedding leave behinds” and it came together in a charming, eclectic and somehow modern way.  And in large part thanks to our awesome planner and stylist Jane Castle.

Then the party moved downtown to an event space owned by Janos Wilder – a Tucson icon and celebrated chef throughout the southwest. Janos and his team at The Carriage House helped us throw a dreamy, delicious, family-style Dim Sum dinner party that kicked off with Aperol spritzes (our guests’ own signature cocktail) and finished with an open bar and NSF dance party.  We skipped cake and opted for our favorite Ben and Jerry’s ice cream flavors and my mom’s homemade brownies.

When did you know the Louvienne ‘Collette’ gown was the one?

We lived in Miami at the time, but I knew of Lovely Bride from living in California. I called and made an appointment as SOON as the Miami shop opened. I tried on a bunch of styles but ultimately knew I wanted something sleek, sexy and minimal. Collette was it. (My only tip: size up if you have hips!!!) And dress aside, going to Lovely introduced me to such an incredible community that lead to so many friendships. I was so proud to have found my dress there, and I felt so loved and supported by the Lovely Bride family during the whole process and even to this day! I continue to send people there hoping they will have as special an experience as I had.

We’re obsessed with your headpiece! Who designed it? Any advice for future brides when choosing accessories? 

If your dress is minimal like mine was it really opens up opportunity to have a major accessory moment. Some of the best advice I got was from my dear friend and bridesmaid Whitney who said “this your day to go big, do whatever you want.” So I say, choose your statement piece and go all in!

My headpiece was Jennifer Behr. I got it…don’t judge me…on ebay –  from a bride in the UK. I am currently debating wearing it again just casually or setting it free in the internet resale universe for another bride to wear…

What was your favorite part of the wedding? What do you think you’ll remember most in 10 years?

Everything! It was the most perfect day. Now doesn’t mean plenty didn’t wrong (I woke up the morning of the wedding and realized we forgot to buy wine for our cocktail hour. Noah immediately left for Trader Joes with my dad and cousin while I took a stress bath.), but that all the moments combined made for an epic day, an epic party and – just in case we do forget – epic pictures!

In 10 years, I hope I remember the incredible connection I felt with my family that weekend – old and new. I can feel it right now just writing about it. It was a TRUE family affair to pull this wedding together and that is what made it so special.

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