Brooke + Geron’s Intimate Cabin Wedding

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We obviously love seeing all of Our Lovelies’ big days, but there’s just something special when the bride works at Lovely. Check out Brooke’s intimate cabin wedding below.

Brooke is our Business Development Manager for our Dallas, Houston, and Phoenix Lovely Bride shops. So you know she’s got some good advice when it comes to your wedding vision, finding THE dress, and picking the right vendors. When Brooke and her fiancé Geron began planning their intimate cabin wedding they knew they wanted a romantic day in the mountains surrounded by their loved ones. From their modern ceremony backdrop to the handmade quilt they used as a guest book, these two had all of the heartfelt details we could want and more.

Meet Brooke + Geron

Tell us about you and Geron as a couple.

Geron and I have been dating since I was in high school and he was attending junior college.  We grew up in the same hometown so we knew a lot of the same people but had never officially met. I found him on Twitter and sent him a very cheesy DM (ladies, shoot your shot!) and it worked! When we graduated, we moved cities together and attended the same college. It’s been so fun growing up with him & seeing how far we have come.

How did he propose?

Geron proposed to me in my parent’s backyard. I had a slight feeling that he was going to propose that day, but I had NO idea how or where he would do it. He worked so hard to make it so special for me. It meant the world.

How did you know that know that Sarah Seven’s Noble was THE one?

In case you don’t already know, I’ve been working at Lovely Bride Dallas for 2.5 years. We are always trying on dresses for Instagram (job perks!) and I remember trying on Noble for a photo. When I put it on, my first reaction was ‘oh wow, this actually looks SO good!’ I wasn’t even engaged at this point, but I didn’t post a photo in it because I had a feeling that Noble was probably going to be my wedding dress.

P.S. After these two said ‘I Do’ they exited to Beyonce. Keep reading to find out our new favorite recessional song.

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Was it hard for you to choose just one dress since you are around them so much?

I actually get this question a lot! It wasn’t hard for me to choose. Even though I think so many dresses are pretty and my style continues to change, Noble is the only dress that has made me feel confident about myself. I knew I wanted Sarah Seven to be my designer because her fit has always looked best on me. I loved Noble for its fit and bold lace. I would say my style is a little more minimal, so I wanted to make sure that the rest of our wedding wasn’t too over the top since my dress was fully lace.

What’s your best wedding dress shopping advice for Our Lovelies?

Pick a dress that you feel like yourself in! The Noble gown felt very ‘me’ when I tried it on. I think you’ll have one dress that feels like you, only fancier (that’s a Sarah Seven tag line, but it’s so true).
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Describe your wedding vision?

We always wanted to get married in Broken Bow, Oklahoma at a secluded cabin because we had grown up going there! It’s also only a short drive from DFW and our hometown. I wanted our wedding to feel cozy, romantic, and fun! My great-grandparents got married on Thanksgiving day, so we knew we wanted to get married around Thanksgiving. Plus, what better time to be thankful for the people in your life!? I knew I wanted the vibe to feel very cozy and laid back, so we invited around 50 people and had an intimate wedding in the mountains of Broken Bow.
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Brooke’s Best Wedding Advice

I was so worried about all the little details leading up to our wedding. I wanted everything to be perfect and stressed myself out. The crazy thing is on the day of our wedding, I felt more at peace than I ever had. I wasn’t stressed and I didn’t really care what got set up and what didn’t.  The reality is, nothing will ever be perfect. Things WILL go wrong. But the most important part is that you’re marrying the person you were meant to be with. Everything else will fall into place.

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Brooke’s Best Wedding Advice Part 2

Create a timeline with your photographer. We got married at 3pm because in the fall, the sun sets pretty early. Valerie, our friend and amazing photographer, sent us a wedding day timeline of when she thought things should go down. Your photographer NEEDS time if you want photos with your friends and family. I am so grateful that we did a first look. We got to see each other and have a moment of peace before the craziness began. Not only did it give us more time together, but it allowed us to take a lot of photos before the wedding.  Things get crazy and time goes by so fast! Listen to their recommendations because they’ve been to more weddings than we can count. Ultimately, it is all your decision, but remember that they want your day to run smoothly just as much as you do.

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The Ceremony

We had an entirely outdoor wedding with NO plan B! It had rained the whole week leading up to Saturday and the forecast wasn’t looking good for us. My dad ordered a couple tents off of Amazon to see if we could set something up last minute. The tents were not great quality and would fall over with a gust of wind. So… we hoped for the best. The day of the wedding, the sun came out a few hours before the ceremony and the weather ended up being perfect! Geron and his groomsmen, along with my dad and some family, set up the ENTIRE wedding by themselves once the rain cleared.  I still don’t know how they did it, but that memory alone is so special to me

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Wedding Playlist

Processional: My sweet friend, Abbie Gamboa (who also works at Lovely Bride Dallas), sang ‘Defender’ by Bethel Music.

Also spotted above: Tory Sperl Lovely Bride Dallas, Houston and Phoenix Owner.

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Wedding Playlist

Recessional: ‘Love on Top’ by Beyonce.. I had always dreamed of this being my recessional song! It’s so fun.


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Wedding Playlist

First Dance: ‘I Found You’ by James Bay

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Groom Attire