Boho Destination Wedding in Cabo San Lucas

Rue de Seine Mira wedding dress on Real Bride Baylee Jo Lorick

#OurLovelies constantly impress us when they plan the wedding of their (and our) dreams.  Baylee Jo & Ronnie Lorick threw a southwestern meets boho destination wedding in Mexico.

The newlyweds shared their wedding photography gallery with us and we had a quick Q&A with Baylee Jo about what made their Cabo San Lucas destination wedding memorable.  Read on for all the details from Baylee on finding her wedding dress at Lovely Bride LA, a very special heirloom necklace, bridesmaids dress tips, Acre Baja, and more:

Tell us about you and Ronnie as a couple? We are what happens when a Virgo + Pisces collide. Ronnie is scheduled, organized, and  a realist. Baylee is a free spirit, emotional, and a creative. He keeps her safe, she keeps him wild. It’s a true balance. He helps her find the path to her wildest dreams and she keeps him entertained and makes him strive to be better everyday.

How did he propose? Ronnie surprised me at a friends beach house in San Diego and flew all of my family and closest friends down to surprise me. We celebrated from sunset to sunrise on the beach. He surprised me again in the morning and we flew to San Francisco (my favorite city) so we could cherish this special time alone.

First Look Wedding Photos: destination wedding at Acre Baja Cabo San Lucas
rue de seine mira wedding dress with sleeves from #ourlovelies real bride Baylee Jo Lorick

Describe each other in 3 words: 

I describes Ronnie as sexy, smart, supportive. He describes me as sexy, imaginative, and caring.  (We’re clearly attracted to each other ☺️)


Describe your experience at Lovely Bride LA. How did you know your Rue De Seine Mira dress was THE one for your Mexico destination wedding? 

Shoutout to my stylist, Nessie! She was so helpful! First thing, I knew that if I was going to be hot in a wedding dress (even if I loved it) I couldn’t choose it. I ended up wanting every single Rue de Seine wedding dress from the Wild Heart collection. But Nessie helped me narrow it down. The gold details on Mira also totally sold me on the dress.   I wanted something that would make me feel like a princess when I twirled but was bohemian and completely different from any other dress I’ve ever seen.  The tassels on the dress were the cherry on top. And the sleeves….. I battled with choosing more than one dress for the evening, but the Mira allowed me to have an outfit change by removing the veil I made out of the Rue de Seine armbands I bought. My final and most favorite touch was my Lack of Color Montana rancher white brim hat.  I had to wear a hat, because my mom and grandma  had both worn hats at their weddings!

Rue de Seine Mira boho wedding dress with cowboy hat and squash blossom necklace
Southwestern wedding squash blossom jewelry

Tell us about the story behind your southwestern necklace! 

My aunt had my grandma’s necklace and I had no idea until 2 months before the wedding. I styled all of my bridesmaids in my families heirloom turquoise jewelry and pieces my girlfriend who is a shop owner in Vegas hunted down for me. My mom called my aunt to ask if she had any turquoise and she said, “I have Grandma Dutch’s squash blossom necklace, but none of the girls can wear that except Baylee.” When I heard she had the necklace I said yes to wearing it without ever having seen it! To be able to wear it was honestly the coolest thing ever. I felt so empowered. Silly, but it was like urging on a magic necklace that gave me all the love from the past women in my family that had passed on. It was so special and I’m crying writing this!

Rue de Seine Mira wedding dress and mismatched bridesmaid dresses

Your bridesmaid babes looked INCREDIBLE in the terracotta color palette. How did you choose the color palette? How did you help your girls find the perfect mismatched bridesmaid dresses?

Everyone looks good in orange right? Haha my girls thought I was crazy, until they saw the whole vision come together and sold their dresses on Poshmark after the first photo was posted on Instagram. Let’s just say I didn’t have a choice, the venue called for it! In their “will u be my bridesmaids” proposal gifts I gave them paint swatches of the colors I wanted their dresses to be. Then the hunt was on. It was a LOT harder to find these dresses a year ago… it’s since become more popular for future brides.



Mismatched Bridesmaids at Boho Cabo San Lucas Destination Wedding

You had 11 beautiful bridesmaids! Any advice on having a large wedding party? Y.O.G.M.O. – You Only Get Married Once. Do whatever the hell you want. People always like to voice their opinion about your choices. Don’t listen to them! Follow your heart! My tip is to start budgeting your gifts/payments far in advance if you plan on treating your bridesmaids to makeup and hair services for the big day!

Rue de Seine Mira wedding dress from Lovely Bride LA

What song did you walk down the aisle to?

Bridal party walked down to “Pure Imagination” by Emile Pandolfi (with no lyrics) and it was so dreamy!

I walked down to the intro of “Past Lives’ by Børns. The lyrics melted my heart.

What was your first dance song?

“Angel” by  John legend / Anita Baker

Southwestern Wedding Details: Cocktail Hour Mariachi Band

Describe your destination wedding vision. 

Tequila, amazing food and music, and bold, vibrant, free spirited decor. Everything is sexier in Mexico. We knew that we wanted a grand fiesta and I’m obsessed with jungle and lush greenery, and vibrant colors. Our destination wedding vision came to fruition after seeing Acre Baja for the first time. I was inspired by the terracotta and copper fixtures at the venue and the turquoise tile work and Ronnie loved the earthen architecture and sustainability practices there.

Boho Southwestern Wedding Details: wooden fans
Boho destination wedding in Cabo San Lucas
Boho Wedding Reception Details: Cabo San Lucas Wedding at Acre Baja
Boho Wedding Reception Details: Outdoor seating, Italian String Lights, Aztec Rugs

What will you remember most about your incredible destination wedding in 10 years? Our first look, the speeches, our guests on the dance floor, the cheddar biscuits, and Clase Azul (tequila!)

Boho Southwestern Destination Wedding at Acre Baja, Cabo San Lucas

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