Wedding Dress Shopping Tips from Rechelle Lewis

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Shopping to celebrate your curves

One of our core ideals at Lovely is to celebrate all body types! Wedding dress shopping can be stressful AF. Especially when brides arrive to find that the samples offered to try on are too snug. Well Lovelies, have no fear because we’ve changed that! We believe wedding dress shopping should be a time where you feel most confident, beautiful and have a memorable experience with your loved ones. In our shops you’ll find body-type inclusive samples that will make everyone who walks in our doors feel…Lovely.

We recently had a day of dress up at Lovely Bride Seattle with blogger babe Rechelle Lewis of SEA of Sanctuary. Check out what she said about her experience and a few tips for celebrating your curves while wedding dress shopping below.

Originally posted on SEA of Sanctuary

‘Lovely Bride was always on my list as one of the places I wanted to shop when it came to my wedding dress and magically enough my college roommate whom I hadn’t seen in 5+ years had recently been transferred to the Seattle Location from New York to help out with the store and was able to help me get my groove back. Going in to my appointment I was so nervous, I had the mind set that every dress was going to be too small and that I had to just except that. Well, the first dress I tried on wasn’t too small it was in fact almost perfect. You can imagine my surprise and how nice it was to be at a place that had samples that could fit my average sized body. The second dress was a little snug but I never felt like I had to grease up my body to pull a dress on. I felt beautiful, confident and most of all felt comfortable in my own skin again. Now this is what wedding dress shopping is suppose to feel like! What I loved most about Lovely Bride is that not only were their sample sizes body inclusive, they also had a really beautiful selection of dresses for the more curvy girl. Women of all shapes and sizes deserve to feel confident and to have that memorable wedding dress experience and Lovely Bride is doing an amazing job helping us achieve that.

Tips I learned about dress shopping:

Be open and honest with your stylist – This is so important! Let them know not only about the styles you like, but the particular parts of your body you are wanting to show off or cover up. For me this was my curves, I love gowns with a full skirt but like to show off my hourglass figure. Also, don’t be afraid to tell them if you don’t like something – you don’t want to waste time trying on something that you really don’t like.

Do your hair and makeup – I would suggest to not go full glam, but to definitely wear your hair in a style that you love and put a little make up on (If you wear any normally). This really helped me feel my best and to give myself a little better idea of what the full picture will look like on my wedding day. If you feel beautiful without the dress then you’re going to feel beautiful in the dress.

Bring a small number of people with you – The first time I tried on dresses I brought my whole crew and as much as I loved being able to share that experience with them, it almost made me feel a little more pressure to get approval from ALL of them. When I went shopping for the second time I only took Kahla (my maid of honor) and it was so much easier to talk directly between her and my stylist about what we liked and didn’t like.

Don’t be afraid to try something new – When I went shopping, I just knew that the dress I had picked in my mind was the one, and that it was the style I wanted. Ha! Joke was on me, because it looked awful on my body type and the style that I was most nervous about trying on ended up looking the best on my body.

Lovely Bride truly made me feel beautiful again and brought back the excitement of finding the right dress! As someone who spreads body positivity herself I love that part of Lovely’s passion as a company is to empower their brides to celebrate their authentic selves, and to promote self love and individuality.’

Written by Rechelle Lewis

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