Top 15 Engagement Ring Styles for All Brides

lovelybride engagementring pear kirkkara

There are few stories we love more than how you, our bride-babes, got engaged.

We are here for every detail – from how your love asked and whether or not you were completely surprised to where you were when you said “yes” – because your story is why you’re now shopping for your wedding dress at Lovely Bride. And, we also love any excuse to talk about engagement ring styles! So, let’s talk more about them.

None of our wedding dress designers create dresses that look the same because every bride is looking for something slightly different, so it only makes sense for there to be plenty of varied engagement ring styles too. Whether you’re dreaming of an heirloom piece, a minimalist design, or something in between, we’ve rounded up 15 of our favorite engagement ring styles below. And, we’re explaining all of the terms behind each one!



Another ring with a story? An heirloom! We have heard from plenty of brides who are now wearing a ring that was once originally worn by a grandparent, aunt, or mother. But, heirloom pieces are not limited to rings. Stones from pendants, bracelets, necklaces, or even rings that were never engagement rings can be redesigned and reset by an expert jeweler to create an entirely new piece to match a bride’s style and personality.

Colored Diamond

lovelybride engagementring coloreddiamond stylemepretty
Photo via Style Me Pretty

Diamonds are not limited to white! In fact, yellow, pink, and even black diamonds are now being incorporated into engagement ring designs, and it’s always a treat to see a ring with color. The best plan? Combine colored diamonds with classic white diamonds, like this design, for a truly breathtaking look.


Most of the halo engagement ring settings we see feature a centered diamond combined with a circular diamond halo. While classics will never go out of style, we’re also fans of this octagon halo’s unique twist on a timeless style!


lovelybride engagement ring styles emeraldcut octaviaelizabeth
Photo via Who What Wear; Ring by Octavia Elizabeth

A square diamond ring is known as an emerald cut, and the style always feels slightly more modern. Pair with additional diamond baguettes or lean into a solitaire setting; it’s impossible to go wrong, especially when your ring is designed by Octavia Elizabeth. We do also have to give a nod to this yellow gold band!


lovelybride vintage engagementring victorbarbone
Photo via V.Barboné

We love rings that appear as though they have a story, and vintage or vintage-inspired rings always do! New York City based V.Barboné culls through rings from around the world to find the most beautiful pieces with stories they can already imagine being woven into your life. Though the rings may have been originally designed years ago, the best vintage pieces have a quality and intentionality that is current.


lovelybride solitaire engagementring lovelybride
Photo via Lovely Bride

If you’re dreaming of a completely classic and stunning engagement ring style, meet the solitaire. Solitaire engagement rings feature a single stone, and we always love when the stone is paired with a gold, rose gold, or platinum band. This solitaire ring belongs to real Lovely bride Jaqueleen, and we 100% recommend taking a look at her wedding to Noah!


lovelybride engagement ring styles cluster setting
Photo via Bario Neal

Cluster engagement rings can feature multiple stones in a variety of shapes and sizes, and the result always feels particularly art-inspired. This ring was designed by Bario Neal, a women owned, feminist, and ethically sourced jewelry brand founded by designers Anna Bario and Page Neal.


lovelybride engagementring pear kirkkara
Photo via Kirk Kara

Pear engagement rings are exactly that – rings typically featuring a single diamond in a pear shape. This design by Kirk Kara caught our eye because the setting was transformed from solitaire to halo thanks to the addition of diamonds encircling the center stone.

Alternate Stone

lovelybride engagementring emerald trumpetandhorn
Photo via Trumpet & Horn

No one ever said an engagement ring had to solely feature diamonds or even feature them at all! There are plenty of gorgeous alternative stones, and we’ve dubbed this Trumpet & Horn design a “reverse emerald”. We love how the diamond is centered, but our eye still immediately travels to the square halo of gorgeous green stones.


lovelybride engagement ring styles minimalist catbirdnyc
Photo by Catbird NYC

We meet plenty of brides who either don’t typically wear jewelry or would prefer a simpler setting, and we cannot recommend Catbird NYC’s collection of minimalist engagement rings (and more!) enough. This square diamond trio and additional diamond band offer plenty of interest without drawing too much attention.

Eternity Band

Eternity bands are not just for wedding bands! We love catching a peek at our Lovelies who are wearing eternity bands as engagement rings. Plenty of jewelry designers are now creating them, but this design by Consider the Wldflwrs is catching our eye the most. We love how the larger, more impactful stones circle the entire band and are paired with platinum details.


Thanks to her love for vintage and estate pieces, Philadelphia based jewelry designer Lauren of L. Priori Jewelry is known for her heirloom quality designs. She’s constantly debuting new styles and celebrating her brides and their engagements and weddings on Instagram, which is where we spotted this oval design.


lovelybride engagement ring styles moissanite lamoredesigns
Photo via La More Design

If you’re looking for a more environmentally friendly or budget conscious stone, consider moissanite. It appears almost identical to its diamond counterpart, which is why this design by La More Design can so easily pair a center moissanite stone together with a halo of white diamonds. The rose gold band is also gorgeous!


lovelybride engagementring floral heidigibson
Photo via Heidi Gibson

If you have yet to discover jewelry designer Heidi Gibson, allow us to introduce you! Heidi is known for her vintage and art deco inspired designs, and she’s also partial to florals. So, The Juliet is a perfect example of her talent!


Most diamond ring settings that feature square or rectangle diamonds are set in a vertical or north-south setting, so the horizontal or east-west setting of this Melanie Casey Jewelry engagement ring offers a new take. East-west settings are still classic, but they do feel more modern – the perfect combination for brides who want their rings to feel a little more unique.

Is your ring like one of the ones we’ve found? We can’t wait to hear your story during your Lovely Bride appointment