The Lovely List: Our Wedding Inspiration Roundup

The Lovely List October 1

The latest wedding inspo we can’t stop talking about

Wedding inspiration is boundless, and here at Lovely, we never tire of talking about the latest wedding trends! Whether it is edible centerpieces, unexpected engagement rings, or bridal party fashion, Team Lovely is forever on the hunt for the coolest, most creative wedding inspiration and trends. We are forever inspired by our #OurLovelies’ next-level wedding ideas and in awe with wedding vendors’ creative design visions. Nothing is better than getting our brides’ wedding galleries and finding the freshest inspiration to share with our Babes! Here’s what’s got us hitting the ‘save’ button on our Instagram and Pinterest feeds. Keep reading for The Lovely List, a monthly curation of our favorite wedding details and vendors we’ve spotted lately.

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Ethereal Draping

Soften a stony venue or blank space with ethereal draping. These cascades of luxurious, billowy cloth bring major romance and fluidity to your ceremony or reception space. Consider pairing these fabulous folds of fabric with candles for the ultimate dreamy vibes.

Top Left & Right: @leileiclavey
Bottom Left: @misslittlethings_
Bottom Right: @thelane
@leileiclavey 2
@ketty line

Topped With A Bow

Bows and weddings go hand-in-hand, whether sewn on a wedding dress, adorning beverage glasses, tied around stationery, or topped on a cake. We’ve spotted these romantic ribbons everywhere and think they are the perfect soft touch to these cute confections.

Top Left: @by.gigi
Top Right: @vegemammma
Bottom Left: @songbirdsilk
Bottom Right: @good.good.cake
@by gigi
@good good cake

Runway Seating

Level up your wedding by choosing a runway seating arrangement. This unique seating makes the ultimate statement for a ceremony, giving guests a completely clear view of your entrance and exit. What a chic and epic way to kick the event off! A runway setup can elevate a reception to an intimate and unforgettable event.

Left & Right: @dosmasenlamesa
@dosmasenlamesa 2

Unexpected Engagement Rings

Engagement ring design can be completely customizable to suit you or your partner. From uniquely-cut stones, to unconventional settings, to modern takes on a timeless design, we are always inspired by fresh and unexpected jewelry. Whatever your preference, make sure your engagement ring is a special reflection of your personal style and taste.

Top Left: @lskyejewelry
Top Right: @shahlakarimi_jewelry
Bottom Left: @jessica.mccormack
Bottom Right: @artemer
@shahlakarimi jewelry
@jessica mccormack

Edible Centerpieces

We don’t know about y’all, but we are ALWAYS here for the food. Wedding day provisions can be reflection of the couple and a celebration of all their favorite foods. Truly wow your guests with an impressive array of the best guilty pleasures, right at the center of the table. Whether it’s a long row of cake or bread wrapped in bows, we can’t get enough of these edible centerpieces perfect for the foodie couple.

Top Left & Right: @butter.au
Bottom Left & Right: @by.gigi
@butter au
@butter au
@by gigi
@by gigi 2

Hand-Drawn Details

More personal details, please! Your stationery or wedding favors don’t have to be stuffy. How fun are these custom and hand-drawn matchboxes and save-the-dates with a fun doodle? These works of art will turn into the sweetest keepsake for the couple and their guests.

Left & Right: @tenstorystationery
hand drawn details
hand drawn details 2

Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses

This is your sign to have fun with your wedding fashion! Gone are the days of one-dress-fits-all bridal parties. We love a colorful, individualized palette for your wedding party that suits each of their personalities. This will make a bold statement and add creativity to your wedding design.

Left: @frannypullinphotography
Right: @catcunniphoto