The Lovely List: Our Favorite Wedding Trends Now

The Lovely List December 2

The freshest wedding inspo we’re loving lately

Wedding inspiration is boundless, and here at Lovely, we never tire of talking about the latest wedding trends! Whether it is special and personalized touches for a reception, fabulous florals, or the latest in wedding fashion, Team Lovely is forever on the hunt for the coolest, most creative wedding inspiration and trends. We are forever in awe of our couples’ next-level wedding ideas and inspired by wedding vendors’ unique design visions. Nothing is better than getting our #OurLovelies’ wedding galleries and finding the freshest inspiration to share with our Babes! Here’s what has us hitting the ‘save’ button on our Instagram and Pinterest feeds. Keep reading for The Lovely List, a monthly curation of our favorite wedding details, trends, and vendors we’ve spotted lately.

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Peach Fuzz

Peach Fuzz was named Pantone’s 2024 Color of the Year. Pantone described this soft, velvety shade as “radiant with warmth and modern elegance [that] effortlessly bridges the youthful with the timeless.” We love the idea of incorporating peach tones in your wedding cake or floral color palette for an unexpected pop that will give you a warm, fuzzy feeling.

Left: @pretty.produce
Right: @theflowerpursuit
pretty produce

Bezel-Set Toi et Moi

Toi et moi, French for “you and me”, is a style of engagement ring that dates back to the 18th century. The design symbolizes partnership and union – two lives and hearts coming together. Our favorite toi et moi rings have scaled-up mega stones (duh) and bezel settings that encircle the center stone without the use of prongs. We think they are a striking choice for a timeless, yet bold bride.

Top Left + Right: @kateandcole
Bottom Left: @cushlawhitingjewellery
Bottom Right: @ringconcierge
@kateandkole 2

Flowing Fabrics

Soften your venue space with dreamy fabric installations. These fabrics can create playful fluidity and movement, whether suspended from the ceiling, draped on tables, or cascading down walls. We love the use of gauzy linens and soft fabrics to soften a cold, industrial space or a modern venue with harsh lines.

Top Left + Right: @pauline_wedding
Bottom Left: @gosha.buro
Bottom Right: @dosmasenlamesa
@pauline wedding
@pauline wedding 2
@gosha buro

Aerial Tablescape Shots

Save us a seat at these breathtaking tablescapes! These stunning reception dinner aerial shots give us a bird’s-eye view of the most gorgeous seating arrangements, from communal long tables to winding reception setups. The overhead angle perfectly captures the grandness of the reception design.

Top Left: @josevilla
Top Right: @frannypullinphotography
Bottom Left: @tallerdetallos
Bottom Right: @charlottewisephotography

Custom Disposable Cameras

More personal details, please! How fun are these custom disposable camera wraps? These hand-drawn works of art will turn into the sweetest keepsake for the couple. We love the endless possibilities for these little canvases, from bespoke lettering, cheeky illustrations, and playful colors.

Top + Bottom Rows: @tawostudio
tawostudio 1
tawostudio 2
tawostudio 3
tawostudio 4

Lace-Inspired Mani

Elevate your French manicure with a lovely lacy touch. These delicate tips are perfect for the bride who wants a dainty manicure with a little texture. We love the idea of incorporating the lace design of your wedding dress or veil into your bridal nail look for a subtle but sweet matching moment.

Left + Right: @thehotblend
IMG 1606
IMG 1607