The Lovely List: The Latest Wedding Inspiration We’re Saving

The Lovely List August

Wedding details we’re obsessed with

Here at Lovely, we are lucky to be surrounded by love, creativity, celebration, and expression. Nothing is better than getting our brides’ wedding galleries and finding the freshest inspiration to share with our Babes! We are forever inspired by our #OurLovelies’ next-level wedding ideas and in awe with wedding vendors’ creative design visions. From gilded bridal manicures, to custom printed goods, to the floral color palettes of our dreams, Team Lovely is forever on the hunt for the coolest, most creative wedding inspiration. Here’s what’s got us hitting the ‘save’ button on our Instagram and Pinterest feeds. Keep reading for The Lovely List, a monthly curation of our favorite wedding details and vendors we’ve spotted lately.

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Perfect Match

Light up your special day with custom matchbooks and matchboxes. They make the perfect memento for your guests and serve as a little reminder for the couple when they pull them out to light a candle for a date night at home, a holiday feast, or after spending the day cleaning. We love the endless possibilities for these little canvases, from unique text, cheeky art, and bold colors.

Top Row: @juliekingstudio
Bottom Row: @tenstrikematch
@juliekingstudio 2
Untitled design 7 1 1

Bridesmaid Flower Baskets

Bridesmaid flower baskets make the cutest handheld accessory for a bridal party. We love the dose of charm and whimsy they bring in photographs and down the aisle. They are a great way to tie different bridesmaid gowns together and are the perfect balance of playful and classy.

Left: @annaperevertaylo
Right: @katiebertagnolli

Metallic Mani

Elevate your French manicure with a gilded upgrade. These gold tips are perfect for the bride who wants an elegant bridal nail look with a little *flash*. These metallic manis feel luxurious yet minimalistic. We can’t get enough of these manicures and have them saved as inspo for when we’re feeling fancy.

Top Row: @noor.nailbar
Bottom Left: @amberjhnails
Bottom Right: @klawsbysonia
noor nailbar
noor nailbar 2

Lavender Love

Purple is often associated with creativity, royalty, and spirituality – a color fitting for a wedding celebration. It’s no wonder that we’ve been eyeing these blooms in shades of lavender, violet, and lilac. Whether combined with other colors or in a monochromatic palette, we are swooning for these purple blooms.

Top Row: @twistedwillowflowers
Middle Row: @constancezahn
Bottom Row: @backyard.floral
@twistedwillowflowers 2
@constancezahn 2
backyard floral
backyard floral 2

Creative Ceremony Seating

Level up your ceremony by choosing a unique seating arrangement. Winding, circular, or runway ceremony seating make the ultimate statement and can make the ceremony feel more intimate. Channel your creativity and make the ceremony an unforgettable one. What a chic and epic entrance!

Top Row: @jessicariekephoto
Middle Row: @gregfinck
Bottom Row: @dosmasenlamesa
@jessicariekephoto 2
@gregfinck 2
dosmasenlamesa 2

Blanc Blooms

All white florals don’t have to be basic. Our favorite ivory arrangements use unique and whimsical blooms such as delightful anemones, fluffy ranunculus, and quirky cosmos. An all-white palette feels fresh, classic, and effortlessly minimalistic.

Left: @emeraldandolive
Right: @thefarmerandi

Topped With A Bow

Bows and weddings go hand-in-hand, whether sewn on a wedding dress, adorning beverage glasses, topped on a cake, or tied around stationery. These romantic ribbons are the perfect soft touch to a reception space. We love light-colored bows for a romantic, dainty touch, while black bows add formal elegance.

Top Row & Middle Left: @thenuptialcollective
Middle Right: @thetablenewyork
Bottom Left: @biancavirtueweddings
Bottom Right: @dujourevents
thenuptialcollective 2
thenuptialcollective 3
dujourevents co