Introducing the SAINT ‘New Realm’ Collection

SAINT New Realm Collection Hero

A celebration of French couture and reimagined corsetry, the latest SAINT collection achieves the perfect balance of structure and softness.

Introducing New Realm – the latest collection from SAINT Bridal – a collection that blends structure and softness to create a timeless and romantic aesthetic for the modern bride. This collection celebrates the artistry of craftsmanship, the beauty of sculptural silhouettes, delicate French laces, and reimagined corsetry for the modern muse. Pearl embellishments add a touch of opulence, enhancing the overall spirit of luxury and refinement that flows through the collection.

New Realm’s bold, yet romantic designs pay homage to the rich history of 18th-century France couture, while embracing the aspirations of the modern age. The result is a collection that beautifully unites history and contemporary design, offering brides a chance to step into a new realm of artistry. The collection’s versatility allows brides to design their unique look by choosing from our interchangeable pieces and add-ons – expressing their individual style by pairing with voluminous sleeves, delicate cutaway lace tops, and pearled adornments, while still embracing the timeless beauty of the designs.

Ready to find the one? You’re in luck! The new styles will be arriving soon to our shops! We can’t wait for our babes to fall in love with the SAINT New Realm collection as much as we have. Keep scrolling to check out the new collection. Then, find your nearest Lovely location, create your wishlist, and book an appointment.

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Chloé Corset + Oriane Skirt

The Chloé Corset is designed to inspire brides seeking versatility and contemporary elegance. This fully pleated satin corset can be worn both on or off the shoulder, allowing you to curate your own bridal style. The beautifully textured bodice features a metal busk running through the front, providing not only structure, but also a touch of edge that sets this piece apart.

With its simplistically modern silhouette, the Oriane Skirt is a true testament to the art of understated beauty. Crafted entirely on the bias, the warm satin gently wraps the body before gracefully flaring out into a subtle train, adding just the right amount of drama.

This ensemble invites endless possibilities, as it pairs seamlessly with any lace jacket, blouse, or armbands from the collection, effortlessly transforming your look from minimalistic chic to boldly enchanting. The Chloe Sleeves, crafted from billowing pleated satin, will elevate your bridal ensemble to a new level of sophistication. Handmade French lace meets a sleek silhouette that sits perfectly under any bodice with the Ivy Blouse, making layering effortless.

4 SAINT Chloe Corset Oriane Skirt detail
1 SAINT Chloe Corset Oriane Skirt front
2 SAINT Chloe Corset Oriane Skirt side
1 SAINT Chloe Sleeves front
SAINT Chloe Corset Oriane Skirt Ivy Blouse front
SAINT Chloe Corset Ivy Blouse Marceau Armbands


The Clement gown is a testament to the union of soft elegance with a modern design. Draped in textured satin on the bias, Clement exudes a sophistication that’s both contemporary and timeless. A daring halter neck and plunging open back create a bold statement, tied with cascading pearls that lend an air of opulence to the ensemble. The neckline is carefully finished with draped organza that gracefully disappears into a soft garden rose at the back neckline, adding a subtle touch of modern romance.

1 SAINT Clement front
3 SAINT Clement back
5 SAINT Clement back detail
4 SAINT Clement front detail


Darcy embraces the essence of modern romance, drawing inspiration from deconstructed couture. Fall in love with the perfect union of structured softness, as billowing textured organza gracefully floats over a fully corseted bodice, ensuring a timeless and flattering fit. Exposed boning adds an element of intrigue and a nod to couture craftsmanship, while the option for a fully lined bodice ensures both comfort and versatility.

SAINT Darcy front detail
SAINT Darcy side detail
SAINT Darcy New Realm Hero
1 SAINT Darcy front
4 SAINT Darcy front detail

Josephine Corset + Odette Overskirt

The Josephine Corset pays homage to 18th-century artistry, reimagined with contemporary flair. Inspired by the opulence of corsetry, contoured lines, and the exquisite craftsmanship of the era, Josephine embodies the essence of a bygone time with a modern touch. Meticulously hand-quilted layers and body-sculpting lines combine to create a bold and dramatic silhouette, making Josephine a striking addition as an accessory or the centerpiece of your bridal look. The lace-up back features a striking eyelet feature with cording, adding an extra touch of allure to this stunning piece.

Pair Josephine with the Oriane Skirt’s simplistically modern silhouette. If you desire additional coverage or a transformative second look, consider adding the Odette Overskirt, which can be elegantly worn over the Oriane Skirt to achieve a stunning A-line silhouette. The Odette Overskirt is a playful and sheer organza skirt modernized with architectural side bustling – perfect for softening your bridal look.

1 SAINT Josephine Corset Oriane Skirt front
3 SAINT Josephine Corset Oriane Skirt back
5 SAINT Josephine Corset back detail
1 SAINT Josephine Corset Odette Overskirt front

Juliette + Ivy Jacket

Drawing inspiration from the rhapsody of Solomonic columns in the 18th century, the Juliette gown showcases intricate artistry of fine pleated organza, sculpting the body with graceful precision. A beautiful framework of texture is created, which underneath sits a fully boned inner corset for a secure and flattering fit, ensuring both comfort and confidence. Elegant twists and turns of pleated texture cascade into a magnificent full train, captivating with its timeless beauty and grandeur.

Take the Juliette gown to the next level with the Ivy Jacket. A playful nod to the silhouettes of French history, Ivy’s cut-out effect creates a dramatic neckline. Handmade French lace brings the allure of sophistication while sleek, fitted sleeves with a slight flare at the wrists give it a modern touch. The Ivy Jacket pairs perfectly with many gowns in this collection.

1 SAINT Juliette front
3 SAINT Juliette side
5 SAINT Juliette front detail
6 SAINT Juliette side detail
SAINT Juliette Gown Ivy Jacket front
SAINT Juliette Gown Ivy Jacket front detail


Indulge in the ethereal beauty of the Louise gown – a creation inspired by enchanting garden florals in their full bloom. Featuring an elegant high neck, Louise’s exclusive lace is adorned with intricate three-dimensional flowers that cascade throughout the bodice and sleeves, providing a delicate and romantic allure.

A stunning high back flatters a graceful scoop keyhole and delicate button detailing at the back neckline, adding a touch of sophistication. Fitted throughout the body and subtly trailing into a train of blooming florals, Louise highlights contours and curves with subtle elegance.

Brides can personalize their look by choosing between a soft contrast lining or a classic off-white hue. For those seeking additional structure and a touch of modern edge, Louise can be paired with the stunning Josephine Corset and Gardenia Veil.

1 SAINT Louise Off White front
2 SAINT Louise Off White side
4 SAINT Louise Off White front detail
SAINT Louise Gown Josephine Corset Gardenia Veil
6 SAINT Louise Clay front
10 SAINT Louise Clay back detail


Meet the Madeleine gown, a breathtaking ode to structural yet natural 18th-century gardens. With its blend of organic romance and architectural elegance, Madeleine features an empire waistline that flatters the figure and an inner corset for a tailored fit. Crafted from pleated off-white chiffon, the skirt cascades into a full and textural train, leaving an unforgettable impression.

Embrace versatility by choosing to wear it with or without the optional Madeleine Sleeves, allowing you to curate your own bridal style. Crafted with layers of pleated organza and soft tulle, the Madeleine Sleeves burst into bloom at the shoulder and gracefully flow into a fitted sleeve with a silk tie option, exuding a timeless romance.

3 SAINT Madeleine front detail
1 SAINT Madeleine front
2 SAINT Madeleine back
1 SAINT Madeleine Sleeves


Marceau draws its inspiration from the opulent splendor of royal gardens and cascading vines, embodying all the luxurious details of an 18th-century gown reimagined for the modern bride. Marceau features a textural beaded mesh overlay that graces a fitted, fully boned bodice, creating an exquisite play of light and shadow. Its pleated tulle underlay and subtle contrasted lining add depth and dimension to the design, infusing a contemporary twist into the classic silhouette. Brides can personalize their look by choosing between the soft Clay or classic Off-White hue.

For a touch of regal elegance, Marceau offers the option to adorn with Marceau armbands, carefully crafted to complement and accentuate the gown’s hand-beaded pearls. The epitome of versatility and opulence and featuring hand-knotted pearls that gracefully drape, Marceau Armbands are the ultimate accessory for making a bold yet romantic statement on your special day. Effortlessly clipped into your gown or corset, they can be worn either back to front or front to back, offering a multitude of options and combinations to create a truly unique and showstopping look.

SAINT Marceau Clay front
SAINT Marceau Clay front detail
1 SAINT Marceau Clay front
2 SAINT Marceau Clay back
4 SAINT Marceau Clay back
3 SAINT Marceau Clay front detail
5 SAINT Marceau Off White front
7 SAINT Marceau front detail


Marie encapsulates the soul of the New Realm collection, uniting rich history and couture craftsmanship into a dramatic and unforgettable design. This gown features a fully structured bodice that provides a firm and flattering fit, while a billowing skirt and full-length Mikado matte satin train create a sense of grandeur and opulence. The floating silk chiffon straps can be worn gracefully off the shoulder or on, offering versatility and personalization.

SAINT Marie front
SAINT Marie front detail
SAINT Marie side
1 SAINT Marie front
5 SAINT Marie side detail


Soft elegance takes center stage with the Ophelia gown. Ophelia showcases a luxuriously wrapped bodice that gathers into a handcrafted organza garden rose at the waist before gracefully spilling into an A-line skirt, complete with a captivating front slit. Designed for modern romantics seeking both a firm fit and a touch of drama, the Ophelia gown offers a fully structured silhouette that embraces the contours of the body while allowing the skirt to flourish in all its splendor.

1 SAINT Ophelia front
2 SAINT Ophelia side
4 SAINT Ophelia back
5 SAINT Ophelia front


A gown made for audacious romantics, Reine is crafted to harmonize the essence of softness and structure. Hammered satin and delicate lace wrap around the body, revealing exposed corsetry that adds an element of allure, while accentuating the exquisite vine detailing on our exclusive lace. Reine’s daring asymmetrical skirt is carefully hand pleated to elegantly frame the midsection, revealing a striking silhouette for our bold brides.

With the option of lined bodices for added comfort and choice, Reine provides a canvas for individual expression. Elevate your bridal look by pairing this gown with the Reine Sleeves, infusing it with additional coverage and dramatic flair.

1 SAINT Reine front
2 SAINT Reine side
1 SAINT Reine Sleeves
4 SAINT Reine back


Created for the modern romantics, Salomé redefines classic bridal designs into a new realm. This gown stuns with a dropped waist textural silhouette that blends contemporary elegance with timeless charm. The structured Mikado bodice embraces the body with grace and poise, while pleated organza gracefully cascades through the skirt, creating ethereal canopies and arches and a soft, contemporary look. Salomé invites you to explore your unique bridal style by pairing it with any of our jackets, blouses or sleeves, adding a touch of romance and allowing you to craft a look that captures your individuality.

1 SAINT Salome front
2 SAINT Salome side
5 SAINT Salome back detail
4 SAINT Salome front
SAINT Salome Gown Madeleine Sleeves front
SAINT Salome Gown Madeleine Sleeves detail


Where sculpture meets drape – Thea is a timeless classic with a fully structured bodice and hand-crafted angled neckline in pleated organza, creating a beautiful asymmetry that accentuates the waist and curves of the body. A wrap-around armband drapes off the shoulder with whisps of tulle cascading from it to create a statement. Add the asymmetrical Thea Sleeve for added drama and volume.

1 SAINT Thea front
3 SAINT Thea back
4 SAINT Thea front detail
1 SAINT Thea Sleeve