Real Wedding: Shoey + Cameron

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Tell us about you and Cameron as a couple.  

Cameron and I met through mutual friends. I needed a composer for a show I was choreographing and Cam was highly recommended. We both had reservations about the other (is she too goofy? is he too serious?) and hesitation settling into the relationship (am I ready? is this the right time?). We had so much in common, like a love for the arts, for music, for dance, and shared a deep sense of respect for each other. We challenged our individual ways of thinking and being in the world, adding more sensitivity, open-heartedness, and joy to our existence. He really, through grace, allowed me space to see myself clearly and vice versa. Together we deconstructed (very slowly) much of the junk and myths we are fed to believe about “the one” and marriage. But it’s never all serious between us – 90% of the time we are very goofy and ridiculous. Cam would say that I tend to push the boundaries here a lot (and I don’t disagree!). There’s always music and movement in our home and stupid singing, mostly from my end. We just want to create as much space and lightness for each other and our loved ones as possible.

How did he propose? 

It was very private. It was like he woke up and just decided today is the day! I had no idea, of course. Thinking back, it’s actually truly anti-establishment how regular it was. You can read about it on our website (www.shoeyandcameron.com), which I’m not trying to redirect you to, to avoid answering the question. We’ve been told it’s a very entertaining read and good reflection of who we are as a couple.

Tell us about your wedding! Where was it? What inspired your vision? 

Our wedding was held at the Boathouse in Prospect Park. We loved how it felt like a setting in a Miyazaki film and the park was always a refuge of peace and quiet from the rest of New York and Brooklyn. Cam and I both thought the Boathouse and the surrounding lake were already stunning in their own right, and we didn’t want to overwhelm the beauty of the natural surrounding and architecture with florals and decor. We knew while selecting our vendors that we were looking for collaborators who got our aesthetics and brought their own sense of creativity to our vision. We were very trusting and open to letting our vendors bring their artistry to our wedding, so the result was created out of much love and trust.

When did you know Alexandra Grecco’s ‘Gemma’ gown was the one? 

Once Kelsey, the amazing stylist I was working with at Lovely Bride New York City, rolled up the sleeves and suggested the middle part, and I started to feel unpretentious in the gown. I’ve always been attracted to clothes that are unassuming and I felt like I could be myself in the Gemma.

Your wedding party’s style was on point! How did you choose the color palette? 

This part was actually very hard! I would say that the color mattered less to me than the styling. I really wanted clean lines and modern aesthetics because I thought it would be a beautiful contrast to the full romanticism of the Boathouse itself. I was drawn to colors that intersected salmon/coral/peach because those colors are very feminine and I was interested in finding styles and shapes in those colors that don’t necessarily reflect traditional feminine silhouettes.

What was your favorite part of the wedding? What do you think you’ll remember most in 10 years? 

The ceremony. My husband barely making it through his vows from crying so hard. The dancing. SO MUCH HAPPENED. The warmth and joy that radiated throughout the evening. The kind and generous staff. The love from each person that was present. The sunlight.

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Ceremony and Reception Venue
Prospect Park Boat House, BK NY