Introducing Adriana Madrid Bridal

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Lovelies, we are excited to announce a new designer at Lovely Bride: Adriana Madrid!

Designer Adriana Madrid’s start to bridal came about when she got engaged in 2015. She looked for her dream wedding dress in Mexico and the US, but could not find a dress which reflected her style, and where she felt not only like herself but also unique to every other bride. She decided to design her own dress and she launched her first collection in April 2016.

The designer’s search for natural, effortless authenticity is evident in her designs, which are fresh, comfortable, and elegant. We love Adriana Madrid’s romantic, bohemian style and her attention to detail – she has expertly crafted gowns with stunning hand-embroidery and laces, intricate beading, and can’t-miss back necklines.

The cuts and volumes of Victorian silhouettes inspired Adriana Madrid’s latest collection, although keeping the light, comfortable fit and romantic style of the brand. This collection offers versatile accessories, such as removable sleeves and layers, that can transform the appearance of the dress in an instant.

Adriana Madrid Bridal is a proudly Mexican brand made up mostly of women. Her designs are hand made in her atelier in Monterrey, Mexico. Read below for Adriana Madrid’s Q+A where she shares how her namesake collection began, her inspiration, and advice for our future brides.

Adriana Madrid is available at the following Lovely Bride Locations:

Cincinnati, DC, Denver, London, Los Angeles, Miami, New York City, Phoenix, San Diego, and Seattle

Price Range: $2,200- $3,400

Size Range: 2-18

Ready to find the one? We can’t wait for you to fall in love with these dresses as much as we have. Keep scrolling for a first look at Adriana Madrid gowns currently arriving to Lovely. Then, book an appointment at any of our Lovely Bride locations who carry her designs to see the gowns IRL.

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Adriana Madrid Designer Photo

(above) Designer Adriana Madrid

AM Adhara
AM Adhara with Accessories

(above) Adriana Madrid ‘Adhara

When and how did you get your start?

I have been working in the fashion industry for around 14 years now, but it wasn’t until 2015 when I got engaged that I had my first approach to the bridal world. Everything started with the search for my own wedding dress and the need to find a dress that represented my particular style and personality, that one that makes me feel like me, as a bride and not a disguise of a bride. The search was long and unsuccessful, so I decided to create my own wedding dress with the ideas I had in my head and I couldn’t be happier with the result. This dress made me feel comfortable, pretty, and most importantly, myself. It was in this moment that I discovered my new passion and I wanted other brides to feel the way I felt in my wedding dress. This is how Adriana Madrid Bridal Atelier was born.

He trabajado en la industria de la moda por 14 años, pero acercamiento a la moda nupcial comenzó con la búsqueda de mi propio vestido de novia en el 2015 y la necesidad de encontrar un vestido que representara mi estilo propio y mi personalidad sin sentirme disfrazada de novia. La búsqueda fue larga y sin éxito así que decidí crear mi propio vestido de novia con las ideas que tenía en mi cabeza y no puede ser mas feliz con el resultado. Me sentí cómoda, bonita y sobre todo yo misma, fue donde descubrí mi nueva pasión y quise que mas novias sintieran lo que yo sentí. Fue así como decidí crear Adriana Madrid Bridal Atelier.

AM Alya with Sleeves
AM Alya

(above) Adriana Madrid ‘Alya

Where do you find design inspiration?

I find inspiration in art, art cinema, nature, silence, negative space, and sometimes in my own dreams. Each collection, however, has its own inspiration theme so I can differentiate one from another.

Encuentro inspiración en el arte, el cine de arte, la naturaleza, en los astros, en el silencio, el espacio negativo. Sin embargo, cada colección tiene su propia inspiración para que cada una sea diferente de la otra.

AM Celest with Sleeves
AM Celest

(above) Adriana Madrid ‘Celest

Describe the Adriana Madrid Bride.

Free spirited, romantic, spontaneous, and ethereal with an effortless elegance. A women that adapts trends to her own style.

Libre de espíritu, romántica, espontánea, y etérea con una elegancia effortless. Una mujer que adapta las tendencias a su propio estilo.

AM Constantine
AM Deneb

(left) Adriana Madrid ‘Constantine‘ and (right) ‘Deneb

What do you love most about the design process?

I love seeing my initial pencil sketches of a new design and comparing it to the finished gown. The final result represents all the work that was done in between these two stages, but I love even more to see our brides looking so happy wearing the same design on their wedding day.

Amo ver mis primeros sketches y compararlos con el resultado final del vestido, porque se todo el trabajo que hubo en el inter. Pero sobre todo amo ver a las novias usándo un vestido mio el día de su boda.


AM Eva
AM Larissa

(left) Adriana Madrid ‘Eva‘ and (right) ‘Larissa

Name three things on your desk you can’t live without.

A cup of coffee, my sketch book (with some Post-Its or loose sheets with improvised design that I sketched when I did not carry my sketch book), and my pencil.

Mi café, mi libreta de diseños (o algunos tickets y hojas en los que plasmé algún diseño improvisado) y mi lápiz. 

AM Rigel with Sleeves
AM Rigel

(above) Adriana Madrid ‘Rigel

What would you be doing if you weren’t designing?

I can’t imagine my life without designing, I probably would be a frustrated dermatologist spending her nights sketching dresses.

No puedo imaginarme mi vida sin estar diseñando, probablemente sería una dermatóloga frustrada que diseñara en las madrugadas. 


AM Sharon front
AM Sharon back

(above) Adriana Madrid ‘Sharon

What’s your best wedding dress shopping advice for Our Lovelies?

1. Before looking for your dress, first identify your own personal style and the bridal look that you want on your wedding day: Romantic, minimalist, bohemian, timeless, fairytale princess, etc. Share this with your bridal stylist so you can see brands with styles that carry this look.
2. Try on one dress style you never imagined wearing.
3. Always shop for your dress with someone that really knows your style.

1. Antes de comenzar tu búsqueda de vestido, identifica tu estilo personal y el estilo de novia que te gustaría ser: romántica, minimalista, bohemia, atemporal, princesa de cuento, etc. y comentaló con tu stylist para que puedan mostrarte vestidos de las marcas que van con este estilo.
2. Pruebate 1 vestido de un estilo que no imaginabas usar.
3. Ve acompañada a tu cita de una persona que conozca realmente tu estilo.

AM Victoria with Sleeves
AM Victoria

(above) Adriana Madrid ‘Victoria

What’s one thing on your bucket list? 

To visit the oldest tree on earth. I find it fascinating to think about being close to a living being that has experienced so many things on earth.

Conocer el árbol mas viejo del mundo. Me parece fascinante pensar en estar cerca de un ser vivo que ha vivido tantas cosas en la tierra.