Celbi + Gabe’s Bohemian Paradise in Tulum

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Probably the wedding of the year for us so far!  What Celbi and Gabe pulled off for their wedding is simply the most transporting, tropical bliss we can even imagine. From the ideal location at @papayaplayaproject to the most stunning florals and styling by @marialimon_, no detail was standard…this team went way beyond! Read their love story below and then enjoy these beautiful captures by @brooketaelorphoto.

Tell me a bit about your love story – how did you meet.  When do you know he was was the one, how did he propose…

We met in New Braunfels, Tx at the Wurstfest in 2012. Mutual friends led us together & next thing you know on that same night we’re going night surfing on Lake Dunlap. Gabe said when I jumped in with no hesitation to surf, he knew I was “the one”. You could say water plays a big part in our relationship. Five years later, & the adventure continues!

On Memorial Day Weekend of 2017, Gabe decided that the time is now! Everyone that I’d want to be a part of this special day was there; my parents, my sisters, Gabe’s parents, all of our friends. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect. I was in the middle of wake surfing as three boats full of friends & family surrounded me. I soon fell, so they swung back around to pick me up. Once the boat got to me, the first thing I see is Gabe down on one knee on the back of the boat. With both of our hands shaking, I said “YES”!

What inspired your vision for the wedding theme and decor.  Why Tulum?

Gabe and I both are very simplistic and tend to lean more towards natural elements of life. We both wanted our wedding to stand out and have wow factor, but we also wanted it to remain very simple and blend in with the environment. I did that by adding lots of greenery, and pops of colors with the flowers. I loved the Pampas Grass being a big focal point within the green arrangements; the neutral color calmed down the loudness of the other colors, and just blended in so well!
We actually had never heard of Tulum before the wedding. We pretty much just surfed the internet for unique little beach towns that felt local and non-touristy! Tulum seemed to just fall in our laps, and we fell in love instantly. We were specifically drawn to the rawness and jungle-feel of the town not to mention the water and beaches are breathtaking!

When did you know that the Avril by Rue De Seine was the gown for you?

I had seen a picture of the Avril gown previously and just couldn’t get over it! I searched and searched for bridal stores that carried it, and found Lovely Houston. We live 3 hours from Houston, so it was a no-brainer. I tried on the Avril gown first and knew it was the one right then and there. However, I kept trying on all different types and styles of dresses just to make sure, but I kept going back to the Avril. I have a unique sense of style and it just seemed like this dress was made for me! It was absolutely perfect for Tulum, as well.

Favorite part of your wedding?  What do you think you’ll remember most in 10 years?

Our favorite part of the wedding was lighting the candle together at the ceremony in memory of Gabe’s dad. He passed away just a few months before the wedding, so it was important for us to do something in his honor. Knowing that the candle was burning throughout the whole ceremony truly meant the world to us. We will remember that forever!

If I had to choose our second favorite part of the wedding, it would definitely be the late night Tamale cart! Hands down the best and most authentic tamales we’ve ever had!

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