Summer is on the horizon and with all of the talk in our shops about #ourlovelies upcoming honeymoons, we’ve been daydreaming of lighter days and bluer skies.  Good thing the Ritz-Carlton, Fort Lauderdale read our minds and invited us down for a fun-filled girls weekend to check out their hotel.  And when you stay at the ultimate South Florida weddings destination, you might even bring along a few dresses for a fun shoot!

We loved lounging poolside in our Savannah Miller romper.  The comfy duvet couches and beach views were pretty cinematic and perfect for a wedding cocktail hour.

The Ritz-Carlton, Fort Lauderdale had a recent interior renovation, and the chic and modern furniture was the perfect spot for morning mimosas.


We had coffee every morning inside the Burlock Coast restaurant.  It was so much more than a restaurant though, with lounge seating, bar seating, cafe seating, outdoor seating.  Complete with wifi and an adorable gift shop, we could have stayed here all day if it weren’t for all of that sunshine calling us!  Good thing they sell cute wicker picnic baskets with a wine holder for our outdoor adventures!


We loved that the Ritz-Carlton has both formal features, like this sparkly chandelier, and more casual features, like the Burlock Coast hang out spots.  Sometimes it feels like you have to choose one or the other for your wedding venue, so we appreciate that you can dance under the twinkles on your wedding night and have your morning brunch in flip flops on the patio.

There are just so many places to dine at the hotel, including their private dining area which was enclosed in glass and their RUM ROOM.  Yes, we said it, rum room.  We love this spot for a grooms dinner with buddies before the big night.  While of course, the ladies hit the fabulous spa complete with DIY scrubs!

But really our favorite part of the Ritz-Carlton, Fort Lauderdale?  Hands down the amazing treatment they give their guests.  Every day there is a ‘happy hour’ cart with cocktails.  It was a lemonade stand while we were there but they change this regularly.  You better believe we were down there at 3 pm flat for our little mid-day pick-me-ups.

Overall we were blown away by our experience.  When we heard ‘Ritz-Carlton’ we thought fan-cy!  And it was, but it’s come a long way from what you know.  They have a great blend of formal, casual and chic.  With all of the things to do on the premises, we are sure your guests will consider this a real getaway, even if it’s in their backyard!

Thank the heavens for the wind too.  It made for the most fun shoot and great shots of the details in our fabrics.  You get quite a few peeks here of our new Lover’s Society dresses, found only at Lovely!  Come check them out in our Miami shop on your way to your visit to the Ritz-Carlton, Fort Lauderdale!





Savannah Miller: 4/7 – 4/9 – Debut Collection

Katie May: 4/14 – 4/16 – Fall ‘16 Collection

Odylyne The Ceremony: 4/28 – 4/30 – Star Crossed Lovers Collection



Theia: 4/7 – 4/9 – Fall ‘16 Collection

Chosen by One Day Bridal: 4/21 – 4/23 – Muse Collection



Carol Hannah: 4/8 – 4/9 – Botanica Collection



Rue De Seine: 4/21 – 4/23 – Love Spell Collection

Louvienne: 4/28 – 4/30 – Debut Collection



Rue De Seine: 4/7 – 4/9 – Love Spell Collection

Julie Vino: 4/7 – 4/9 – Select Styles from Romanzo + Napoli Collections



Julie Vino: 4/14 – 4/16 – Select Styles from Romanzo + Napoli Collections



Leanne Marshall: 4/7 – 4/9 – Fall ‘16 Collection

Rue De Seine: 4/28 – 4/30 – Love Spell Collection



Rue De Seine: 4/14 – 4/16 – Love Spell Collection



Julie Vino: 4/21 – 4/23 – Select Styles from Romanzo + Napoli Collections



Rue De Seine: 4/21 – 4/23 – Love Spell Collection


All locations are having a SAMPLE SALE with styles up to 70% off on 4/30 from 10am-2pm!



Our newest Lovely exclusive collection, Lovers Society, is designed for the dreamers and the drifters, the free-spirited gypsy souls who influence and energize all of our designs, including the beautiful Odyssey gown. With her super cool geometric lace and flowy skirt, what’s not to love?!


As you can tell, we are itching for those summer vibes.  But things are looking up with warm breezes in NYC, three Grand Opening parties (Miami, Houston and Dallas!) and April bridal market right around the corner.  So you are gonna see things look at little lighter and brighter around here this month!  April is always a crazy month, but you know what is worth it?  The fun we get to have together.  Our new Miami rockstar employee Carina, is currently stuffing goodie bags for our Miami party tonight, and we are all cracking ourselves up as we put on the final party preparations.  I love that Lovely is a brand where we all roll up our sleeves and get involved.  The collective is real.

Lanie List, Founder of Lovely Bride