Vagabond Launches 2 New Contemporary Collections

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Introducing Vagabond’s Duchess Collection + Liberty Collection

Vagabond has done is again…twice! The queen of contemporary from Cape Town, Valery Zelenyuk, has designed not one..but TWO 2019 collections. With designs featuring clean lines to graphic bohemian laces to statement sequins, there’s a gown for every bride in her new collections. We caught up with Valery to talk about all of this new goodness. Check out our  Q+A with her and see all of the styles in each collection below. If you think one of the styles may be the one, take a look at the schedule and make an appointment for one of our upcoming Sales Events!

Meet Valery

Vagabond Designer, Valery
Vagabond Designer, Valery

Describe the Vagabond bride.

Vagabond aims to embody the contemporary, strong and free-spirited woman that is becoming the pioneering female archetype in modern society. I really wanted to create a collection and a brand that didn’t take away from the modern woman’s strength, fearlessness and societal emancipation. There is a massive shift in womanhood and feminine sovereignty in modern society, and I felt that that had to be reflected in bridal fashion as well. The Vagabond bride wants to look beautiful but not at the expense of comfort and wearability, she doesn’t need to be afraid to look and feel strong, yet feminine in her wedding gown. Of course I love observing the latest trends and directions in fashion, but I aim to make sure that every gown has an underlying timelessness in its silhouette, structure and fabric.

What was the inspiration behind the Duchess Collection?

The two new collections will suit all contemporary tastes, including some classics with clean lines, bohemian gowns with textured lace and romantic shapes, as well as some daring rock n roll numbers. The Duchess Collection was inspired by an underlying theme of timelessness and classic feminine silhouettes. I can see a lot of the designs staying in our portfolio for the years to come, as they offer a look which will not age with passing trends.

What was the inspiration behind the Liberty Collection?

The Liberty Collection was inspired by some rebellious rule breaking and fun! I wanted to include the non-traditional bride in the new 2019 collection, who feels totally comfortable embracing the current movements in fashion and not afraid to make a brave choice for her wedding day, whether it be an indie inspired romantic look, or an uber contemporary minimalist, hassle free frock!

Do you each have a favorite gown from each collection?

Favorites – this is very difficult! Probably the Sierra and Scarlett from the Duchess Collection, and the Grace and Sadie from the Liberty Collection.

What do you love most about the design process?

I’m rather obsessive about the small details, and somewhat of a perfectionist when it comes to perfecting the fir. I really enjoy the individual steps of perfecting each and every detail of the dress, including all the changes and adjustments that go with it – it gives me a sense of fulfillment to know that this gown has been perfected in every possible way, and loved thoroughly. The extent of the process of achieving a perfect result really fulfills my creative hunger and curiosity.

Any advice for our recently engaged gals looking for THE dress?

When dress shopping, I think it is very important to bring (and not bring) the right people, if you feel you need people with you. And if you’re confident enough to go alone – do it! Sometimes all the voices can just be confusing and deter you from what you really want. I think it is important to choose a dress that makes you feel empowered, comfortable and authentic. Whether it’s a sexy silk slip dress or a chantilly lace ballgown – it has to be completely you.

Sales Events Schedule

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Washington DC: April 18 – 28

New York City: May 3 – 12

Chicago: May 17 – 26

Seattle: May 31 – June 9

Houston: June 14 – 23

Rochester: June 28 – July 7

Dallas: July 12 – 21

Los Angeles: July 26 – August 4

Cincinnati: August 9 – 18

Atlanta: August 23 – September 1

Charleston: September 6 – 8

Liberty Collection Cover Photo
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28 1889

Gown pictured above: ‘Harper’

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18 8854
18 8913

Gown pictured above: ‘Grace’

22 0004
22 0282

Gown pictured above: ‘Sedona’

25 1097
25 1245
25 1074

Gown pictured above: ‘Phoebe’

21 9792
21 9964

Gown pictured above: ‘Cleo’

15 7935
15 7995

Gown pictured above: ‘Hazel’

27 1652
27 1657

Gown pictured above: ‘Phoenix’

26 1374
26 1401
26 1269

Gown pictured above: ‘Dixie’

17 8683
17 8641

Gown pictured above: ‘Sadie’

20 9467
20 9738

Gown pictured above: ‘Winter’

23 0328
23 0445

Gown pictured above: ‘Virgina’

16 8378
10 7851

Pictured above: ‘Marylin’ gown + ‘Madison’ jacket

Duchess Collection Cover Photo
2 3064
2 3107

Gown pictured above: ‘Georgia’

6 4831
6 4643

Gown pictured above: ‘Emerson’

12 6917
13 6840

Gown pictured above: ‘Wilde’

9 5775
9 6005
9 5982

Gown pictured above: ‘Harlow’

5 4265
5 4300

Gown pictured above: ‘Scarlett’

11 6258
11 6112

Gown pictured above: ‘Memphis’

7 4951
7 5129

Gown pictured above: ‘Harriett’

2Vagabond 14 7753
14 7452
14 7419

Gown pictured above: ‘Kahlo’

4 3979
4 4043

Gown pictured above: ‘Lenon’

1 2755
1 2726
1 2627
1 2719

Gown pictured above: ‘Sierra’

3 3654
3 3866

Gown pictured above: ‘Windsor’

12 6323

Gown pictured above: ‘Asia’

8 5380
8 5269

Gown pictured above: ‘Indya’