Tell us about the dress and what inspired your look.

I LOVED this dress by Theia.  It was only by luck that I even got to try it on, however.  The polar vortex had hit the northeast just as we were traveling back from vacation.  Our flight was canceled and we ended up laid over in New York for five days.  I decided to make the most of it and go dress shopping, already having staked out Lovely Bride and their designers online.  Most likely, I never would have made a designated trip from New Mexico to New York just to find a dress so it was completely by chance that I had this opportunity and I’m, obviously, so glad I got to visit the shop!  The thing I loved most about this dress was the blush petals that appear to bleed up the dress.  I wanted something more unique than the white, strapless dresses peppering my Facebook feed and this was it.  I knew we were having an outdoorsy wedding and this dress, looking so much like a beautiful hydrangea (one of my favorite flowers), would both fit in and stand out in the incredible Rocky Mountain setting.  I kept the rest of the look — hair, makeup, jewelry — incredibly minimal, it would be easy to over-do it wearing such an incredible gown.





What were the most important details to pulling off your dream wedding?

To us, the most important part of the wedding was having an amazing photographer (and, as it turns out, videographer) to capture everything.  It is easy to allocate the least amount of money in your budget to these because it’s not anything you actually “see” on the day of the wedding, but when it’s all said and done the photos are what you will have to look back on.  You’re not just paying for pictures, you’re essentially buying your memories — and that is something I would pay a premium for over and over again.





What was the most memorable moment?

Our cake cutting is not to be forgotten.  As background information, the groomsmen received amazing axes as gifts (which were hand-painted by the groom).  Anyway, we did the nice and dainty cutting, but that was quickly over and before I knew it the ax was in Chris’s hand and with a mighty swing sheer destruction befell the frilly tiers.  There was so much cheering and laughing — and possibly some screaming.  That cake didn’t stand a chance!  It was all very spur of the moment and I’m happy that something that could have been mundane was turned into something we won’t soon forget.





If you could give future brides any advice, what would it be?

Make decisions and stick to them.  It’s easy to falter back and forth between colors and flower, etc. but it only makes it harder for you in the long run.  Flip-flopping on one thing can change ten others. It will look great no matter what, and chances are that even if something isn’t quite right you’re probably the only one that stands a chance at noticing (because the day is so busy anyways that things are an incredible blur).  Maybe more importantly, be nice — seriously – to everyone.  From your coordinator to the cashier at the salon.  No one wants to deal with a bridezilla and people are a lot more willing to help you and make accommodations if you’re reasonable to deal with than if you’re nasty and demanding.  Just take a deep breath and remember that a lot of things aren’t quite as big a deal as they seem at the time.


Photographer: Jennifer Emerling of YEAH! Weddings // Dress: Lovely Bride, Theia // Lovely Bride Location: New York City // Hair Accessory: Cécile Boccara // Shoes: Badgley Mischka // DJ + Photo Booth: YEAH! Weddings // Wedding Coordinator: The Main Event // Venue: Piney River Ranch // Stationery: Letterpress Made // Cake: Sugar Breck // Flowers: Petals & Pours // Hair + Makeup: Bloom Spa at The Sebastian Vail