Real Wedding: Emily + Eamon

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Tell us about you and Eamon as a couple

Together, we’re just us. From day one, it has just been so incredibly effortless for us to just be. The best way I can describe ‘us’ is something Eamon said to me earlier in our relationship. I’ve collected random ‘Eamon quotes’ since we’ve started dating in 2015 – from the funny to the ridiculous to the sweet. Whenever he says something that makes me crack a smile or burst into laughter, I try to remember to write it down. One of my all time favorite quotes I’ve saved is, ‘I’m no version of myself when I’m with you. I’m just myself.’

That is the biggest compliment I’ve ever received not only from him, but from another human. And in part, it was how he said it. When he told me that, he said it in passing and genuinely wasn’t trying to be sweet. It was just very matter-of-fact.  And it was those words that made me fully realize that he was the only person on this planet that I’m just myself with as well. I often find myself playing ‘roles’ throughout the day. With him, I’m not ‘Funny Emily,’ ‘Responsible Emily,’ ‘Nervous Emily,’ ‘Party Emily,’ I’m just Emily. And although I love all the Eamon versions when I see him interact with the wold, my favorite one is the one where he can just be 100% comfortable in his own skin, thoughts and energy. We’re just us. Together, I’m just Emily and he’s just Eamon. And I’m so, so grateful for that.

Describe each other in three words

Emily describing Eamon: Passionate, witty, honest

Eamon describing Emily: Empathetic, curious, perceptive… bonus adjective: foxy!

How did he propose?

I’m the wanderluster in our relationship. I’m often dreaming about our next adventure. He always told me, ‘You can go anywhere you want for however long, and I’ll always be there to guide you back home. Like a lighthouse.’ From there, lighthouses just became a random ‘thing’ in our relationship. There’s a pretty popular sight when traveling along the coast from San Francisco to Santa Cruz called ‘Pigeon Point Lighthouse.’ There’s a hot tub right on the edge of the cliff that overlooks the ocean and if you stay overnight, you can take a dip right at sunset and enjoy the views. We would always pass by it and Eamon would say ‘We’re going to stay there one day.’ It was always booked up to 3 – 4 months in advance so it just became more of a joke and something he said every single time we passed by it on our way to his hometown of Santa Cruz. One day, after a relaxing trip in Sayulita, Mexico we landed at SFO and instead of going straight home, Eamon revealed he actually made plans for one night stay at Pigeon Point! The next morning, he asked to marry me in front of the lighthouse and his sister, Amelia was secretly behind us taking photos of the entire proposal. I often poke fun at Eamon and say his proposal was actually a true testament of MY love for him because if there are two important things you need to know about me it’s: 1. I love coffee. 2. I hate the cold even more. Despite the freezing cold ocean winds hitting my face and not having my caffeine fix before 8am I still said ‘yes!’ Now, when we pass by the lighthouse on our way to Santa Cruz, he says, ‘That’s where you almost said no!’

When did you know the Made With Love ‘Stevie’ gown was the one?

In the beginning, my wedding dress journey was a struggle. I was already feeling defeated because for two months I had already tried on dozens and dozens of dresses and, at most, only felt a handful of lukewarm ‘maybes.’ So when I first tried on the Stevie gown, I was completely floored. I fell in love with it the moment I saw myself in the mirror and knew it was the one. Yet, it was my mother-in-law and my two sisters-in-laws’ wide eyes and gasps that won me over immediately when I walked out of the dressing room. Not only is the Stevie gown a beautifully designed dress, but it was exactly what I was looking for: unique lace against nude, sexy V neck, a low back, and a slightly dramatic train – it was the perfect balance of traditional elements and modern touches. I , of course, needed by best friend’s approval – she’s based in NYC and I live in San Francisco. I knew she would flat out tell me ‘yes’ or ‘no’ – and it was time for me to decide. I flew out to her and tried ‘Stevie’ on at Lovely Bride’s NYC boutique. Let’s just say tears were involved and, as you can see, it was 100% best friend approved!

What was your favorite part of the wedding? What do you think you’ll remember most in 10 years?

The moment Eamon and I walked onto the dance floor when our names were announced for the first time after cocktail hour. Everyone was standing and circled around the floor – clapping, cheering, and shouting as we just clung onto each other and twirled around looking at all of the happy faces of our family and friends. The over-pouring love in that moment was so beautiful, powerful, and definitely unforgettable.

If you could give future brides any advice, what would it be?

While wedding planning, find moments to spend time with your fiancée and turn bride-mode off. Completely off. Sprinkle a few date nights every month before your big day. Consciously make the decision to not say the word ‘wedding’ during conversation. It’s always nice to take a break from all of the RSVPs, invoices, and seating charts to just enjoy each other’s company. Laugh, kiss, flirt, snuggle and remember why this person is your person.

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