New Phrenology x Alli Koch Veil Collaboration

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Introducing ‘Flora’ by New Phrenology x Alli Koch. A veil collaboration created from hand-drawn illustrations.

At Lovely Bride we’re all about INCLUSIVE shops with EXCLUSIVE gowns and accessories for Our Lovelies. We knew we had to start 2020 off with a bang for our Babes and we are beyond thrilled to launch New Phrenology x Alli Koch. The design of the veils started from two beautiful illustrations created by Alli for New Phrenology. The drawings were then turned into the most dreamy floral wedding veils. To make things even better, ‘Flora’ (pictured below) was exclusively created for Lovely Bride and will be available at all 18 Lovely Locations.

The ‘Flora’ veil is arriving in our shops this week! Keep reading to learn more about Alli Koch and click here to make an appointment to see this work of art in person.

Meet artist Alli Koch: Muralist, Author, Illustrator & Mentor

artist alli koch new phrenology embroidery veil

How Alli Got Her Start

After I graduated from college I started painting canvases. My marketing degree couldn’t get me a 9-5 job so I filled my time with art. Long story short I realized people were wanting to pay me and that was technically a job so I ran with the idea. Five years later I still can’t believe I am where I am. I started my business doing calligraphy and started to grow my business doing wedding invitations. I used to model right out of college and was the fake bride for all of these styled shoots. That was how I was able to network and get my name out there in the wedding industry that I could also do calligraphy. I think this is why I am so excited about this collaboration. I have since semi retired from the wedding industry to focus on painting and drawing and I love how this collaboration merges my two paths.

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On Finding Her Artistic Voice

To find my voice I had to unfollow everyone I was striving to be, I was catching myself wanting to be like them and my style was theirs and not mine. So I unfollowed them and really just started doing things I wanted to do for myself personally. Doing this over and over I was able to find my style and it was 100% me. When people look at my work they can see me in it which is always the goal.

What She’s Up To

Answering ‘what do you do’ is one of the hardest questions to answer, I’m constantly leaving something out with I answer it because it’s so much. But I love that I am able to do so much! Painting murals around the US, writing books, my third comes out in November and I’m currently working on my fourth I podcast every Saturday with my dad, it’s called Breakfast with sis, they are pretty much my mini mentoring sessions live. I’m currently designing and App for your phone, I recently came out with a home collection! Gosh still even making this list I feel like I’m leaving something out.

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Keeping Herself Creative

It’s so hard! I actually really enjoy the business side of things (which a lot of people don’t realize its a ton of business and a little bit creative when making art your living) I think people just think artist paint all day.. nope. So doing emails and accounting its a good brain break. But if I’m feeling too low on the creative side I typically take a trip somewhere, see a friend, get out of my normal daily routine to freshen things up. That or take a nap always does the trick.

Her Biggest Challenge

The constant feeling of  ‘I should be doing something.’ My brand is me, so it can be hard to draw a line of when I’m  in business mode and when I’m in off mode. I feel so rebellious going to target in the middle of the day just because. I literally make my own schedule, I mean I can do that, I’m the boss! It’s weird I know.

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Her Best Advice

Put in the work. There can be a thing as ‘no such thing as a starving artist’ but you have to work for it. Network, be top of mind, get yourself out there as much as you can. It is not just painting in your room all day.

We can’t wait to see #OurLovelies rocking the Flora veil on their big day! Click here to make an appointment to see this work of art in real life.