Introducing Alexandra Grecco’s Botanica Collection

alexandra grecco botanica

Bring on the romance! The Alexandra Grecco Botanica collection has officially launched.

Alexandra Grecco’s BOTANICA Collection was inspired by flowers, which often bloom in the midst of wild and seemingly unfavorable surroundings. They offer the world their brilliance, while also uplifting spirits with their poise and unwavering presence. It’s the enduring nature of their captivating beauty that can offer us serenity when we need it most.

This collection comprises silhouettes with clean, modern lines, embellished with shimmering hand-embroidered florals, both classic and abstract. Luxurious silk crepe in both satin and matte finishes perfectly complement a magnificent silk lamé that casts an opulent glow with every turn. 

We can’t wait for these incredible gowns to start arriving in our shops in the next few weeks. Want to be one of the first to see the full Botanica collection in real life and receive 10% off when you find the one? Check out Lovely Bride’s Trunk Show schedule below. Appointments will fill up quickly so book as soon as you can, Babes! Then, keep scrolling to check out the new styles + for a Q+A with Alexandra Grecco.

Alexandra Grecco Botanica Trunk Show Schedule

NYC (AG Flagship): October 16 – 18

London (AG Flagship): October 30 – November 1

DC: November 20 – 22

LA: December 11 – 13

Houston: February 5 – 7

Phoenix: February 12 – 14

Dallas: February 19 – 21

Charleston: February 26 – 28

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What was the inspiration behind the Botanica collection?

This collection was going to launch back in April, which of course didn’t happen with all that was going on in the world. As we held on to the collection, the inspiration continued to evolve naturally and one theme that was consistent was the use of floral motifs.  Flowers are so resilient, and looking back on this year, I’ve thought a lot about my family and community, the team I get to work with every day, and how everyone is trying to make the most out of such a challenging time.  I’ve thought about our brides who have had to postpone their weddings and couples trying to navigate this unpredictable time.  This collection is a celebration of resilience and positivity even when times are tough.

Gown pictured above: Amaryllis

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alexandra grecco botanica 7
alexandra grecco botanica 6

What do you love most about the design process?

I love it all, honestly. It’s such a joy to see things come to life over time.  I think my favorite part would be sketching new ideas. I find it to be really meditative and would do it all day if I could. This season, a lot of the design process took place in my Brooklyn apartment with my three children running around. The past eight months have certainly been some of my most challenging, and not the most ideal setting for designing a new collection. However, as a small business owner, a New Yorker, and a mom (shout out to all moms during this crazy time), having little ones who kind of float under the tumult and stress of this year has brought me some light and hope. My 4-year-old daughter, Iris, also really likes the sparkle of this collection, so that was some nice validation.

Gown pictured above: Aspen

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alexandra grecco botanica 9

Jumpsuit pictured above: Aster Jumpsuit

dsc05034 1
dsc05238 1

Do you have a favorite dress from the collection?

It’s always hard picking a favorite, but I’ll have to go with the Rowan gown. The silhouette is so dramatic and the silk lamé fabric we used for this just looks like magic.  It’s lightweight and drapes beautifully, the movement on this gown is incredible.  I also love the Bryn gown.  The square neckline on this piece is so flattering on all different body shapes and sizes.  This gown is embellished with our abstract floral embroidery which I designed with our mill in India.  It feels so fresh and I love the way it shimmers.

Gown pictured above: Rowan

dsc04771 1
dsc04966 1 1

Any dress shopping advice for Our Lovelies?

Go into your appointment with an open mind and just listen to your gut. I always tell brides to limit the number of people you bring to an appointment, because you don’t want too many opinions or distractions. It’s not necessarily a bad thing that these days most stores are limiting our brides to bringing one to two guests – it’s usually what I recommend anyway!

Gown pictured above: Azalea

dsc04113 1 1
dsc04132 1 1

Gown pictured above: Bryn

dsc05731 2 1
dsc05710 1 1
dsc04744 1 1
dsc04719 1 1

Gown pictured above: Cerise with Cleome Capelet

dsc05575 1 1
dsc05597 1 1

Gown pictured above: Fiorella

dsc04485 1 1
dsc04472 1 1

Gown pictured above: Laurel

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dsc04665 1

Gown pictured above: Lilium

dsc05358 1 1
dsc05425 1 1

Gown pictured above: Lotus

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dsc05340 1

Gown pictured above: Moss

dsc04201 2 1
dsc04254 1

Gown pictured above: Nerine

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dsc05543 1

Gown pictured above: Poppy Top + Willa Pant

dsc05452 1 1
dsc05476 1

Gown pictured above: Viola

dsc04533 1 1
dsc04556 1

Gown pictured above: Zinnia

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dsc05788 1

Veil pictured above: Ainsley Veil

dsc05681 1 1
dsc05701 1

Veil pictured above: Primula Veil

dsc04252 2 1

These colors can be interchanged as the bodice tulle / lining on the following styles: