Give Love Stories: Kari + Dylan


Our latest #GiveLoveStories takes us on the road (literally) to San Francisco.  We all know SF as a bustling city, but just a short distance away, the scenery tells a story of romance and beauty. We are thrilled that Kari and Dylan took us there to share their love story.

Where did you and Dylan meet:

“Dylan and I met working for Vogue magazine in New York. He was an Art Director and I was the Photo Studio Manager. Every time he would come to the Studio I knew he was the one for me :)”

Tell us about you and Dylan as a couple:

We both now live in San Francisco, Dylan works in design at Apple, and I am a Photo Producer for Sephora. We have 4 motorcycles and a Jeep Wrangler with a rooftop tent. We love to go camping and explore California on the weekends. Our friends call us “weekend warriors” which accurately describes our lifestyle.  We love all things southwestern and collect ceramics and anything to fit into our adorable little glass house Berkeley bungalow that we call home. We love fashion as well, you can find about 20 different hats in our house.

What do you love most about each other:

I love how social Dylan is, he is always the life of the party! I also love this style. He has the best personal style that I have ever seen west of the Mississippi 😉

I think what he loves most about me is my research/planning infatuation. As a producer I love producing all of our trips, I will always have an idea of places to see and things to do. I always have some exciting new place to find and explore on the weekends. Exploring and adventuring is probably our favorite things to do. We are getting married in Santa Fe and couldn’t be happier to be amongst the adobe Spanish style and neutral and autumnal colors.

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