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Prea James Bridal is known for designing fashionable wedding gowns for the relaxed, modern bride. The Prea James Bride has a love for unique quality fabrics, modern, effortless silhouettes and quality fit.

All of the gowns are made at the Prea James Bridal Studio in Wollongong, on the east coast of Australia.

$3000- $5000

Price Range:


Size Range:

20 weeks

Dress Production Timeline:

8-19 weeks with varying fees

Rush Options:

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I started making custom wedding gowns for Sydney brides in 2015, following on from making dresses for friends and friends of friends from around 2011. I did my first made-to-order collection at the end of 2016. In 2019 I attended our first NY Bridal Market and was lucky enough to have the line picked up from Lovely Bride. It was a very exciting year!

Describe the prea james bride.

She is a modern woman, confident in her own skin, fashion conscious but wants to remain comfortable on the day and unrestricted by societies expectations of how a bride should look.


“The Prea James bride is a modern woman, confident in her own skin, fashion conscious but wants to remain comfortable on the day and unrestricted by societies expectations of how a bride should look.

What Do you love most about the design process?

I love the early stages where anything is possible, and ideas start to come together, but nothing is really better than when we start making the first sample in the actual fabric after months of fittings, alterations, re-working designs. To see it come together at the end and this beautiful finished product, the team has worked so hard on, is truly an unbeatable feeling.


– Prea James

I worked in bridal before starting my own label, so I have seen these mistakes made many times. Firstly, don't go to more than 2 bridal boutiques in one day, because you will overwhelm yourself and won't be able to enjoy the experience and will leave feeling like you didn't love anything because you are so exhausted. Secondly, be careful with who you bring to the appointment, opinions are ok, if you can trust the person giving them has your best interests at heart and aren't trying to sway you into what they want you to wear instead of what you want to wear. It is YOUR day, and when they get married, they will wear what they want to wear. At the end of the day, if you feel good about yourself, that will show and even if you dress isn't the taste of your distant Aunt, you will be glowing with confidence and happiness and nothing is more beautiful than that. And lastly, allow time to make the decision, but once you have made your decision move on to the next item on your list or you will confuse yourself.

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About Prea James

Prea James is an Australian bridal designer, designing gowns for the relaxed modern bride who wants something fashionable and unique for her wedding day.

Having studied at the renowned Fashion Design Studio – Ultimo TAFE Sydney Institute of Fashion graduating in 2009; Prea then went on to work in the Australian fashion industry before narrowing in to bridal. Prea James was founded in 2012, when Prea started creating Couture wedding gowns for brides in Sydney under the label Prea James Couture. The label has now evolved into a made-to-order label called Prea James Bridal that includes Prea’s collections called Harmony I, Harmony II, In The Midst and First Light. The Prea James aesthetic is understated elegance. Prea has a keen eye for unfaltering fit and hand finishes that add that special touch to each gown. A Prea James woman is modern, loves design, quality and has an eco-consciousness. She is quietly confident, knows her own style and makes her own trends. She is effortlessly chic. All of the gowns are made in Australia.