6 Rue De Seine Gowns Our Stylists Are Crushing On

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Rue De Seine’s newest collection has stolen our hearts in all of our shops. The 2019 ‘Wild Heart’ collection is seriously what bohemian dreams are made of. With fringe accents and graphic lace, these gowns were made to bring out the goddess in us all. We are so excited to announce that Lovely Bride is having a storewide sale in our shops that carry Rue De Seine. Join us February 15th through February 24th, 2019 to shop the current styles available and see additional styles in each shop. Yes, Lovely…you read that right! TWO weeks of fun (and by ‘fun’ we mean a 10% discount) across the country is about to unfold.

We can’t wait for the event to start, so we’re celebrating a little early by rounding up Rue De Seine gowns are stylists are currently loving. Check out the cities that will be participating and then click on your city to make an appointment below. See you soon! xx

Rue De Seine Stockists

Lovely Bride Charleston

Lovely Bride Cincinnati

Lovely Bride Houston

Lovely Bride Los Angeles

Lovely Bride Miami

Lovely Bride New York City

Lovely Bride Philadelphia

Lovely Bride Phoenix

Lovely Bride Rochester

Lovely Bride San Francisco

Lovely Bride Washington DC

Rue De Seine Storewide Sale Instagram Story 1

Ami gown spotted at Lovely Bride Charleston; East + Adara gowns spotted at Lovely Bride Miami


Nahla gown + East gown spotted at Lovely Bride DC


Farah gown spotted at Lovely Bride LA; Vita Gown spotted at Lovely Bride Philly