When you first think “storage,” my mind goes directly to self service storage units that can be heated and air conditioned and hold big items, such as couches you don’t use anymore or don’t have the space for. However, we live in a day and age, where the ordinary just doesn’t give us that DIY/ vintage look and that’s pretty much what is tickling our fancies right now.

Old crates are something you can use anything for. Pillows, blankets, even firewood are all easy items to keep contained in one area. Magazines become fashionable grouped together alongside a chaise lounge for light reading. A simple DIY project of a 2×4 painted your favorite color drilled into a wall space with adding shelving to create a simple and skinny bookcase for figurines, books, or trinkets is one, inexpensive, and two, easy to put in a tight space.

This photo right here is so me! I love little teacups and I love that the color of the cup matches the jewelry inside! Adorable and convenient, and of course, cute, functional storage.
I’m from Texas and my mom loves wire baskets. You can seriously use them for everything! Toilet paper for the bathroom, or use it as a filing system for paperwork and mail. Possibilities are endless. Take a look around and really decide what you need storage for exactly. Do you want things on display or hidden away? What colors are you using in this room? What’s the main function of a room and what do I or my family do in this room? Once you have accessed these questions, SHOP! Vintage stores, or flea markets are the best for finding cool unique treasures to put stuff in. Although, since this style has become so popular, stores like Target, and Anthropologie make new look old. For instance, I have two silver metallic cups from Anthropologie that sit on my vanity in the bathroom. They hold my makeup brushes and q-tips! Functional and yet very stylish all the same!

Here are some storage items I found to give you a little inspiration. A vintage filing cabinet can hold “Thank You” cards, or even silverware and utensils if needing more storage in a kitchen. Or the glass jar to hold fabric scraps, and ribbon. Use a little chalkboard paint and make a square to label the jar with whatever is inside. Also makes it super easy to change.

1. Wire Basket from V & M.

2. Colorful Mini & Maxi Storage Boxes by Sigg

3. Large Glass Jar

4. Chevron Storage Ottoman from Joss and Main

5. Glass Blown Vase from V & M.

6. Vintage Filing Cabinet

Urban Outfitters Polka Dot Boxes / Pillow & Blanket Crate / Column Bookcase / Tea Cup Jewelry Storage / Light Gesso Box from Cox & Cox