Last week I had the pleasure of attending BLOGSHOP at Patina Studios (heads up! This is an amazing raw space in Brooklyn if you’re looking for a rad wedding venue) in Brooklyn, New York. Now, if you haven’t heard of blogshop then it’s definitely time you do. Especially if you’re a blogger. I’d love to share what I learned and love during my two days at Blogshop!

Blogshop is a two day Photoshop course taught by the lovely Bri and Angela.What makes Blogshop so great is that it’s geared towards bloggers. You’re taught the ins and outs of Photoshop and learn how to apply the techniques you’ve learned to different elements of your blog. Now, I will have to say that going into this, I knew my way around Photoshop pretty well however, this class just took my abilities to the next level. Bri and Angela teach you how to be effective on Photoshop and point out the mistakes that you might be making which could possibly be the reason it takes you two hours to compile a post rather than one.

What I really loved about Blogshop is the vibe the whole two days gives off.  The minute you walk into the usually white, raw space, you feel like you’ve arrived at your super cool friend’s house that lives in an awesome loft in Chinatown and where your best nights always happen. Beautiful flower arrangements adorn the perfectly rustic wooden tables. Basically, I want my whole house to look as if it was a Blogshop class.

Oh, and let me not forget the good stuff: the food & goodie bags! Our first day was catered my MexiCue which was insanely delicious and our second day was catered by Radish which, you guessed it, was insanely delicious. We scored some awesome goodies like my new favorite thing in the whole world, my pink BKR water bottle!

If you’re interested in attending Blogshop, make sure to check out what cities they’ll be in next! I highly recommend it to all bloggers.