I have this wall in my kitchen that I can not put anything on furniture wise. Not even a cute vintage drink cart will fit without squeezing around it to get to the fridge. But the wall needed something! So I decided on something large enough to fill the wall but something fun and interactive too. Henceforth, the Kitchen Chalkboard Menu! Easy peasy, and can be decorated for holidays or leaving little notes for my roomie! Perfect, love it!

Now, how, do you ask? shall I put this wonderful idea into play? Follow these instructions and you can’t go wrong!

{Step 1.} Prep! At Lovely LA, our chalkboard is painted right up on the wall. However, if you’d like something you can move around and change without repainting your walls, I suggest a picture frame, like this one from IKEA. I took off the actual frame and painted only the plastic screen. I even removed the inside frame border. I did this in case later I’d like to have an even larger chalkboard space to draw on.

Hardware stores such as Home Depot and Lowe’s carry chalkboard paint and can be done in any color. Doesn’t have to be black, though it is classic and can go with whatever color scheme you have in your own kitchen. At the hardware store, remember to grab a paint brush. In this case, I opted for the cheap sponge brushes for easy clean up.

{Step 2.} Clean Surface. For best results and an even drawing surface, make sure to wash down whatever surface you have decided to paint. Be that a mirror, wall, or frame. Windex worked well in my case.

{Step 3.} Apply 1st Coat. 

{Step 4.} Let Dry, then apply 2nd Coat. 

{Step 5.} Draw! Rust-Oleum suggests waiting at least 3 days before you write on the paint. Also rub the chalk over the entire area, wiping it clean and then drawing. But have fun when you do! There are endless possibilities with a chalkboard and of course you don’t have to use this in the kitchen. It could be used to delegate chores in a convienent fashion or make a calendar with reminders on important dates. Organization is always a great way to start off the week!