Sarah Seven is hitting the New York pavement at Lovely this weekend for a trunk show. I was thinking something urban garden for this week’s One Great Dress, “Swell,” from Sarah’s newest collection. I have to say I’ve had a lot of giddy fun doing this style post. Feeling very “city” but with romantic vibes, I feel like “Swell” fits right in with doing a bright pink lip and your groom in some awesome Ray Ban glasses. A succulent wall is your garden in the city, with potted plants everywhere, and industrial lights hanging above. Put on a leather jacket later if it gets chilly, but totally rock some geometric earrings and strappy black heels the whole time.

You’re keeping the romance in play with the gorgeous lace from “Swell,” and even with Hermes scarves blowing in the wind gives off this whimsical feel of anything wonderful can happen.

Hope you enjoyed this week’s One Great Dress as much as I did! Lots of fun, edge, and whimsy in store for this urban garden bride. Now hop in that pink cadillac convertible and be whisked away on your honeymoon adventure!

DIY Hairpiece/ Love Pillow/ Handbag/ Urban Garden

Hot Pink Lip/ Graffiti Staircase

Hermes Scarves

Flower Tray/ Stone Rings/ Dior Heels/ Bouquet

Succulent Wall/ Cadillac Convertible