Wedding Gift Guide – Art!

I’ve been to a few weddings in my lifetime and I have to say, for me the hardest part is always finding a gift! I’ve found that a lot of couples don’t really register anymore. And that’s totally okay with me (I didn’t register either!) but it does make it a tad difficult to find the perfect gift, especially if you’re not uber close with the couple. However, I kinda have found a full-proof go-to gift: art! No one can really ever say no to a really awesome original piece of artwork to adorn their walls. In my search to find the perfect photograph or painting for each of my friends, I’ve found 20 x 200 and Etsy to be most helpful.

For my friends who fell in love while living in Tuscany, I found this print on Etsy by Irene Suchocki to be absolutely perfect. I purchased it, had it framed and gave it to them as their gift. They love it and now have it hanging on their wall in their bedroom. I hope that when they look at it, their reminded of their time in the beautiful hilltop town in which they spent their early days. I’m glad that I got to contribute to that in some way.

And while I haven’t yet purchased a peace of artwork from 20 x 200 for a friend, I have purchased an original photograph from them for myself. The minute I saw this baby camel photographed by Sharon Montrose, I knew I had to have him. He now has a permanent spot in my entryway. And the great thing about 20 x 200 is that you actually have the option to purchase the print already framed which is super helpful because framing can get expensive! 20 x 200 offers so many different kinds of art that you’re sure to find something for just about any couple.

Another great idea? Commission someone to draw a cute little portrait of the couple. Many artists on Etsy will do this for an affordable price. You’d be surprised at the quality some of these lesser-known artists produce. I hope this has inspired you step out of the wedding-gift-giving box a bit and shower your friends with some great artwork. I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t love a lovely painting or photograph hanging on their walls!

20 x 200 / Irene Suchocki / Sharon Montrose