This 1950s vintage suitcase doesn’t look like much does it? I found this at one of my favorite little stores called Hide & Seek. Lots of awesome little finds and the owner, Breeze, is a doll. Closed shut, the coloring and texture of the suitcase is what drew my attention, but upon seeing the inside, I had to rethink a bit.

What could I do with this? I love it, but what to do about the stained lining? Eek! Hmmmmmm…. Repurposed craft box anyone? Woohoo! An easy DIY, and using the old lining as my base, I can makeover the inside in no time flat.

In this case, all I needed was at least 1 yard of my favorite print of fabric, a hot glue gun, scissors, and I did on occasion need some needle nose pliers to take out any staples from the previous work done in making the suitcase.

Step 1: Pull out the old lining. (It was glued to a thick paper or cardboard backing which makes covering each piece of the lining much easier to put back in.)

Step 2: Organize and layout the old lining pieces on the fabric. Note that the fabric is face down. Make sure there is at least an inch wide of fabric around each piece.

Step 3: Outline each piece with a pencil.

Step 4: Cut an inch out from the penciled line.

Step 5: Once every piece is cut, and with your hot glue gun, glue the fabric onto the edges of the old lining. Make sure fabric is still face down.

Step 6: Now that every old lining piece looks new, hot glue each piece in their appropriate spot inside the suitcase. Starting with the inside edges, then the lid piece, and finally the base.

Mission complete! I added a couple burlap ribbons across the lid to hold in cards or magazine cut outs, but placed a lot of my craft items in the suitcase. Now I have this vintage craft box to keep everything organized, and how stylish at that! Really had fun doing this project, and thought it so easy, I had to share!  More DIYs coming your way ladies!