CAROL HANNAH WHITFIELD is in town this weekend for her trunk show at Lovely LA. We are very excited to present to you a very grand affair with the stunning “Grand Palais” gown by Carol Hannah. This lovely gown can be one gown or two, be it the “Kensington” skirt and the “Bellevue” shortie or just the “Grand Palais.” Take the skirt off for your reception and dance the night away on a grand estate, or ballroom, or even on a mountainside. However this dress is styled, either with pearls, diamonds, perhaps even going a little boho with leather accents, “Grand Palais” is a statement, and one you can be sure to amaze and feel amazing wearing this One Great Dress!

Blush Balloons/Teal Bridesmaid/Pink Cupcakes/Rhinestone Veil/Studded Earrings/Handmade Sash/Feathered Halo/Vintage Birdcages/Silk Chiffon Heels/Sheer Teal Dress/Blush Bouquet/“Grand Palais”