The Golden Globe’s is always fun to watch, if only for the fashion. As I was envying the endless wardrobe options of every actress that walked down the red carpet, I couldn’t help but notice that some stars opted for a natural beauty look. Sans red lips and dark eyeshadow, these ladies looked absolutely stunning and fresh. I’ve always been a fan of “less is more” so naturally (pun intended!) I was insanely jealous of how gorgeous these women looked. However, as most of you know, the secret to looking radiantly natural is well, not natural. That doesn’t mean you have to pile on the makeup but I’ve found that these few products really help boost my natural features in order to get that glowing look.

1. Benetint – When I was little, I remember my mother using this stuff. She would let me play with it but never leave the house. Recently, I rediscovered the magic of Benetint and yes, it’s amazing. The stain can be applied to both your lips and your cheeks for a naturally flushed look. When buying this product, the Benefit man told me the secret to a natural look is matching the color of your lips to your cheeks. Well, it can’t get any more matchy-matchy than using the same product for both your lips and your cheeks. Also, fun note: Benetint was originally created after a stripped contacted the company in need of a product that would make her…nipples rosier. Yup.

2. Yves Saint Laurent Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cilis Waterproof – With that long of a name it’s gotta be good, no? Just kidding. But really, this stuff works and it works well. It comes in a variety of colors but black is the way to go in order to score a natural look. The fact that its waterproof is also a score because who knows where your natural beauty ways will lead you. Beach, anyone?

3. Bobbi Brown Beach Oil – This stuff. It’s amazing. Last year, I read about Bobbi Brown’s Beach Oil on Cup of Jo and kinda had to get it. I’m not one to run out and buy beauty products but I basically b-lined to Bloomingdale’s and had this stuff in my hands in a matter of minutes. Basically, it’s an oil with a very beachy scent. My fiancé loves it and so do my other boy friends. Not only does it make your skin glow but you smell like you just came back from spending a lifetime in Bora Bora. Now that can’t be that bad.

4. NARS Stylos Pen – If you’re going to use something on your eyes it might as well be this. While some may argue that a natural look shouldn’t involve any eye makeup, I don’t agree. Adding a little cat-eye to your natural looks gives you that extra oomph you need! I’ve tried many eyeliner pens and this one works the best.

5. Benefit’s Some Kind of Gorgeous – So the day I went to purchases Benetint I fell trap to the makeup chair. You know, when they’re like “Oh, come try are latest new product!” and you’re like, “Oh no, thank you though!” but somehow a few minutes later you find yourself sitting in a chair while some lady slabs cake layers of makeup on your face. You know it’s happened to you! This is how I came across this product (obviously their makeup chair ways worked!). It looks like a cream but comes on a powder and looks pretty soft on your face. It’s great for evening out your skin tone. Also, I suggest not using the little applicator pad that comes with the product and instead buy a brush to apply it. You’ll be happier with the results. Note: Don’t be thrown off by the products kid-like kitschy design, this stuff is serious!

6. Nars Vesailles Nail Polish – A nude nail color will go a long way when trying to achieve a natural look. This one is subtle yet glamorous given its shine.