I’m sure by now you all have realized how much I love Etsy. In planning my own wedding, I’ve found Etsy to be super helpful while planning out the decor aspect of my wedding. I can’t wait to get married and share all those small details and the Etsy shops with you guys. But for now, that will have to wait! In the meantime, I’d love to share Sewindieshop with you all. It’s a cute little Etsy shop which ironically has very little sewing and instead lots of pretty paper goods.

This custom return address stamp would be a great little gift for the newlywed couple. I can’t explain how long I’ve been meaning to get one made but just haven’t had the chance.

A packing list for the honeymoon because we’ve all¬†forgotten to pack something!

I’d love to use these recipe cards at a bridal shower.

All photos from Sewindieshop.