Mauve is a great muted hue and perfect for this time of year. The LA Lovely stylists have chosen Lindee Daniel’s “Aubrey” gown as this week’s One Great Dress and paired it with the marvelous mauve color and some pops of yellow and charcoal grey! There are great ways to bundle up in the cold with these colors too! Grey suits on your honey and his men, and the girls in shades of mauve is very romantic. A mauve rose in your hair to complete the look. Below is definitely One Great Dress…

{Lindee Daniel’s “Aubrey” all eco-friendly gown. Available at Lovely!}

{Chunky Yellow Coat, Mauve Eyeshadow, Feather Petaled Bridesmaid, Grey Knit Scarf}

{Yellow Pendant, Mauve Essential Bag from Miu Miu}

{Tulle Mauve Skirt, Delicate Heels, Mustard Yellow Bouquet}

{Handsome Grey Suit, Mauve Petaled Cake, Handmade Earrings}

{Mauve Rose}