One Great Dress – Holiday Gala Gown!

 Is this red gown not absolutely gorgeous?! The holidays are here and if you have a gala to attend, this stunner would definitely be a winner! Or, how about just feeling gorgeous for yourself and your honey? Get all glammed up, cook a five course meal for your honey while sharing a glass of that expensive cabernet sauvignon you got as a wedding gift. Maybe push aside the couch and giggle whilst doing the waltz. Either way, going out on the town to a special event or putting on your own holiday gala at home, this glam gown is One Great Dress!
{Holiday Gala Glam}
1. Vintage Chanel Bracelet
2. Teatro Bijou Necklace
3. Shocking Mascara Volume Effect
4. Nars Red Lizard
5. Reiss Black & Gold Clutch
6. Sapphire Gold Studs