Whether we like to admit it or not, those last few episodes of Sex and The City, where Carrie finds herself alone in one of the most romantic cities wearing only the most fabulous clothing, are eternally engraved in our minds. At least that’s how I feel–am I alone here?! If we want to get down to specifics, this particular outfit has always been a source of inspiration for me. The whimsy. The fun. Ah, the tutu.

I’ve always wanted to wear a tutu around New York City. That had never happened until two weeks ago during my bridal shower. I figured, if there was EVER a time to wear a tutu, it would definitely be at my bridal shower brunch. After a few weeks of searching, I came across Alexandra Grecco’s lovely tulle skirt and decided it was the one. This was my chance to feel like a ballerina walking down the streets of the West Village. And, I went for it. To be honest, I did receive a lot of weird looks on the street. At first, I thought why are they looking at me like this? Don’t they know how fabulous my skirt is? Don’t they!?! But instead, I like to think they were admiring my lovely layers of tulle wishing they too could prance the streets of the city fulfilling all of their Carrie/Black Swan dreams.

I was thinking, how fun would it be to wear a tutu-esque dress for your wedding. Here a some dresses we carry at Lovely that I think would be perfect!

Olivia” by Watters

Ivy & Aster’s “Duchess”

“Powdered Sugar” by Sarah Seven

First picture from unknown.