We’ve discussed flower crowns, and braid crowns but we haven’t really looked at actual crowns and tiaras. At first, I thought wearing a crown or tiara on your wedding day might be a little….diva-ish? But after more contemplation I thought, why the heck not?! It’s your wedding day. That one day to dress up. To wear whatever you want. If you want to wear a tiara, rock that tiara!!

Lately, I’ve been inspired by these vintage wax flower crowns that were worn by European brides in the 19th and early 20th century. They’re usually an ivory color and there are many to choose from on Etsy and on Ebay.

1. Never Never Traders, 2. Tall Cotton and Peas, 3. Erica Elizabeth Designs, 4. Savvy Spinter Vintage, 5. My French Antique Shop, 6. Never Never Traders, 7. Style Condiments, 8. Sweet Pickins Shop