You have found “The One,” “The Dress,” and it’s Sarah Seven‘s “Romance” gown from her 2013 Bridal Line.  But how are we to style this gorgeous dress!?  Our stylists came up with a couple inspirations from the darling and sweet romantic side to one more bohemian and edgy. Take a peek lovelies!

{Sarah Seven’s “Romance” here at Lovely!}

Romantic Darling

{Bow Veil, Golden Lace Cuff, Plum Purple Prada Bag, Purple Love Bouquet, Blush Cream Heels}

{Plum Flowered Necklace, Darling Makeup Inspiration, Gold Sash}

Romantic Edge

{Dramatic Peacock Headpiece, Feathered Eyelashes, Feathered Earrings, Crocheted Foot Jewelry}

{Feathered Bouquet, Bohemian Vanity, Silver Boho Headband}