Lovely: Tell us about THE dress and what inspired your look.

Jen: I wasn’t sure of exactly what kind of wedding dress I wanted but I was a big fan of Sarah Seven’s line which is why I made an appointment at Lovely NYC. When I walked into the store and saw my dress on the hanger, I said to my best friends McKenzie, if that fits I’m buying it! It fit perfectly and I was able to walk out of the store and fly home with it! McKenzie and I also fell in love with a Sarah Seven bridesmaid dress for her, which was a perfect compliment to mine!

Lovely: What were the most important details to pulling off your dream wedding?

Jen: Ryan and I wanted to create a relaxed day with our closest family and friends. I photograph weddings and had been to a ton of weddings in the months before mine so I knew exactly what I wanted and didn’t want!  One thing we knew for sure was that the wedding had to be in Big Sur, our favorite place in the world. Once we booked the house, the location set the tone for our cliff side ceremony and deck dinner reception.

Lovely: What was the most memorable moment?

Jen: Right after the ceremony, we snuck away for a couple of minutes to let it all sink it. It was such an amazing moment realizing what had just happened and being so excited for the rest of the evening!

Lovely: If you could give future brides any advice, what would it be?

Jen: Have fun with the planning and remember that there are no rules! If you are doing the planning yourself, ask your friends and family to pitch in. We could not have had such a perfect day without the help of our amazingly talented family and friends. Also, hire a good photographer to capture your day! Its worth it, trust me!

DRESS DESIGNER:  Sarah Seven at Lovely NYC

ACCESSORY DESIGNERS: Sash from Ivy & Aster

PHOTOGRAPHER: Brandon Kidd Photography