You are a Lovely bride no doubt, but you have that glamourous side and then also a sweet side you want to show through on the big day.  And why not express both!  With emerald greens and lemony yellows you can show both sides of that Lovely personality with ease and perfect for any time of year.

 {Emerald Headpiece on Beauty}

{Lemon Yellow Door, Emerald Green Doors, Starburst}

 {Emerald Eye Inspiration, Lemon Macaroons, Yellow Bridesmaid Dress, Emerald Earrings}

{Glam Emerald Skirt, Yellow Balloons, Emerald and Lemon Bouquet}

{Emerald Reception Dress, Yellow Ribbon Tied Bridesmaid Gifts, Vintage Emerald Shoes, Lemony Dress, Emerald and Lemon Tablescape}