When we were approached by stylist Leanne Ford about a photoshoot featuring some of our Ivy and Aster dresses at the historic Jane Hotel, we had no idea just how beautiful the results would be. So unconventional, these photos completely blew us away. It’s always inspiring to see how our dresses can take on such different personalities. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photography, Anna Wolfe!


Anna wolf and I have been trying to work together for years now, but have never been in the same city at the same time until this shoot. We just really wanted to play around and do something beautiful and special together. I had a vision to do a shoot with laces, whites, creams and hints of black.  I actually stayed at the Jane hotel that week just so we could shoot there! I love the deep colors and great history and style of that hotel. 
I had a lot of vintage pieces I was excited to finally shoot, but I also wanted a couple GOWNS.  So I knew I had to call Lovely. Lovely boutique has been on my radar since it opened, and I was so excited to finally get to use some of their beautiful pieces and mix them in with my vintage pieces.  I just had this vision of a gown and a kimono walking down that hallway. 
In my brain I didn’t  dream of the gown being peachy, (pink) so amazing! It was even more perfect than I imagined.
We did this shoot in about three hours one week day afternoon. And it has turned out to be one of my favorites! Thank you to Lovely for having such gorgeous dresses to play with!
Let’s play again soon!
Photography: Anna Wolfe
Styling: Leanne Ford
Dresses: Ivy and Aster