This truly was one Lovely Bride. Hilty visited our shop after having lived right around the corner from us in New York! Her Carol Hannah Whitfield gown with shimmery appliqued flowers perfectly suited her Virginia soiree, and the sweeping oak trees provided the most stunning backdrop for photographer Sarah Cramer. To top it all off Hilty and a friend from high school,who was also a Lovely bride, were featured side by side in the local newspaper’s wedding announcements! Two Alabama brides who were both lovely!

Lovely: Tell us about THE dress and what inspired your look.

Hilty: My mom and I came up to New York to look for dresses just for fun. I used to live in NYC (actually really close to Lovely) and like any excuse to come visit. I didn’t really have any specific dress in mind. I found Lovely online and the minute I walked in I knew I loved the whole atmosphere, much more fun and less intimidating than other stores we had been to. I saw the dress immediately (drawn in by the amazing appliqué fabric) and the sample size actually fit almost perfectly. My mom and I both decided that this was THE dress. As my mom said, “It just looks like you!” It was elegant but not too stuffy and the appliquéd lace gave the dress a real touch of whimsy – definitely a vintage look. I never saw myself in a major wedding dress but I wanted something special and this was it! I swear I could sleep in it I love it so much. One of my bridesmaids took off from work to come down and see the dress and she thought the same thing. Then literally within 5 seconds someone wrapped a ribbon around my waist, and put the flower pendant on and we were done! I remember coming back the next day, tried everything on again, found the necklace, walked out onto the street, thought for a moment, came right back in and bought it all.

Lovely: What were the most important details to pulling off your dream wedding?

Hilty: We tried to make the wedding as personal as possible for the both of us, so there were a lot of little details that were important to us. Our recessional song was “This will be our Year” by The Zombies, which we listened to a lot right when we started dating. Jeff’s grandfather is a blacksmith at a living history museum and he brought a small cannon that we fired off to signal dinner. That was really fun! And one of my dad’s favorite albums is (no joke) Frankie Goes to Hollywood so I had a 10 second tease of “Relax” before the real father-daughter dance song.

Other than the personal details I think color was my most important thing. When asked for my color scheme I had ten different colors in mind. After three months I realized that I would never be able to widdle the colors down to just two or three so I just went for all of them. I wanted everything to be very upbeat, fun, and vibrant. We had multi-color paper lanterns, big bright flowers, and I used a fabric I found at Purl Soho for table numbers, the guest book table, and the escort card boards.

Lovely: What was the most memorable moment?

Hilty: There were so many! But I think overall just the realization that all your favorite people are there in one place is the most memorable part. So many family members, friends, and friend’s parents that Jeff and I had not seen in years were all there under one roof. All my bridesmaids live scattered around the world (literally! – one flew in from London and another from Doha, Qatar) and I was just beyond happy to be able to see them all and hug them.

Lovely: If you could give future brides any advice, what would it be?

Hilty: Delegate! A lot of people offered to help me and I don’t like asking for help/ I am a control freak so I tried to do everything by myself, which was a stressful mistake. Towards the end I finally gave in and my mom and one of my bridesmaids (one of my best friends from high school) really saved the day by helping me finish various projects that I had started. So delegate and try to get as much stuff done before the week of the wedding. Then you can relax and enjoy everything! It’s true the day goes by super fast, not everything happens the way you want it to but everything works out and it’s really lovely! (no pun intended)

How cool is the wedding announcement featuring our two Lovelies Hilty and Sally? Congratulations ladies!

DRESS DESIGNER:  Carol Hannah Whitfield (Purchased at Lovely!)

ACCESSORY DESIGNERS: Flower Pendant: Untamed Petals, Necklace: Vintage, and Gold Ribbon: Lovely (all purchased at Lovely)

Veil: David’s Bridal

PHOTOGRAPHER: Sarah Cramer at Cramer Photo

FLORIST: Amy Webb at Blue Ridge Floral Design


Caterer: Have Food Will Travel

Hair: Leslie Lowry at Hazel Beauty Bar

Make-Up: Jeanne Cusik

Day-of-Coordinator: Barb Wired Events