Big hair. Tight dresses. Dramatic eyelashes. Ahh, we love the 60’s! But really, who doesn’t? Between the bold prints, and mod aesthetic, we’d love to live in the era of the Mad Men! Or maybe even just pretend for one {wedding} day?

Pay homage to mod shapes by letting bold shapes and colors shine through your cake.

(Left to Right: Ready Made, Gateaux’s)

Think big hear and dramatic makeup when considering how you’ll look on your wedding day.

(Left to Right: Uknown, Bella Sugar, The Killer Likes Candy)

When it comes to the dress, think empire empire waste, short lengths, and bows!

(Left to Right: Etsy, Google Images, Dusk Jack Attic)

Take advantage of come-back patterns like Chevron when creating your invitations.

(Modernly Wed)

Suggest to your bridesmaids bright colors, bold prints, and huge hair!

(Green Wedding Shoes)