Some very clear signs that there’s a party going on are fun dance music, stacks of presents on a table, and of course colorful flags blowing in the breeze. I personally love how an area can be designated as a “celebration zone” just by hanging strings of triangular shaped fabric, and it gets me into the mood to dine and dance the night away instantly! While traditional fabric flag bunting is all the rage this year, there are so many different ways to take this trend to a whole new level. And what I love most of all about this craze is that it is super easy to do yourself (with the help of enlisted bridesmaids to make it even more fun!)

Find some fabric in the shades of your wedding colors and make flags to hang above your dining area like in this photo.

Mini bunting on cakes is a fun little detail, and such a sweet way to celebrate the sweetest part of the meal! And don’t you just love these ruffled cakes!? Maybe we’ll need to dedicate a post just to these girly confections 🙂

Hang some pom pom garlands around your reception to give it a more festive feel.

Use pretty paper envelopes to tuck pictures into, or even have the guests write little notes to stick inside in lieu of a guestbook.

String some paper heart doilies onto a garland of twinkly lights for an adorable banner like this one.

Show your love for color with this Mexican cut out flag banner called papel picado, when the sun hits them they brighten up as the rays dance through the shapes!

Use envelopes as escort cards to tell your guests their table assignments. This couple used English and Serbian letters as the table numbers and all of the guests at each table were written on the envelopes!

Tie a bunch of hankies together for a vintage feel like Danni and Nick. Ask your mom and grandma to lend you theirs, or find them at flea markets! It’s a super easy DIY project that makes the celebration feel personal.

Use decorative cupcake liners to create mini garlands to string above a potted party favor, or keep going and make long ones to string around the entire area!

There are boundless materials to use to make banners of all shapes and sizes. Use your imagination and get crafting!